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Fashion Is Sweet

(Especially with a give away!)

Amidst the nutcrackers and giant pretzels of  Leavenworth, Washington, you will find Mapel,  a shop offering you something you’ll be happy and proud to claim as your souvenir from the Alpine village (quite unlike that pair of green lederhosen that somehow pulled you in).

During Christmas vacation, we made a day trip to the town in Eastern Washington, and as we traipsed the cold streets after dinner, Mapel’s purple lamp shades and pillows caught our eyes and drew us right in. Inside we found name brands, beautiful hand made things, even some men and baby items, and an adorable Staci Stevens, who opened Mapel two years ago  because… basically, it was destiny, she says.

Stevens, left, with business partner, Landgraf.

With an entire family of self-employed go-getters, Stevens knew owning her own business had to be in the cards and after life took her down the path of a degree in fashion and work in clothing retail, she knew a boutique was just the fit. It helped too, that Sevens found a perfect business partner in her friend Jenelle Landgraf when they crossed paths working in Seattle.  The terrifically in-vogue  team runs their brick and mortar shop (617 Front St., Leavenworth, WA  509.548.5225) as well as their online component (, all under the philosophy that “Fashion is sweet”.

They offer customers a special treat with their purchase: one of their signature truffles (made by a local chocolatier)  as well as some other equally tempting delights, free shipping being a big one, and a daily happy hour online  from 2-6. The “menu” is different every day, Stevens says, with charming perks like 40% off handbags, or $10 off that shirt you fell in love with.

In addition to the popular big name brands like 7 Jeans, Stevens says she is devoted to offering small labels by up-and-coming designers. Names like Champagne Lace, Velana K and Melanie Renee Design are a few that joined Mapel’s collection just last year.

So, if you’ve got a  skiing trip to Leavenworth in the works, Mapel is simply not to be missed. And even if you never make it to the Bavarian town,  skibble right over to their online store and enjoy sweet rewards  for having good taste in fashion.

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Baby, it’s cold outside!

Last week we had a cold snap in Seattle so I stocked up on warm layers for Freyja so we didn’t have to stay cooped up all day.

I’m just crazy about these little fury boots I found at where else? Target.

boots 002

And though I am a huge fan of the  “Baby Leg’s” brand, these little cuties are $2.99 and do the job just as well. I have to resist putting them on her every day. Once again, my one stop shop, Target had a great selection of boy and girl leg warmers sure to keep the chill off that bit of baby ankle on stroller outings.

boots 005

I also scored a bib snow suit for those really cold days.

Now my only question is, how do you get a toddler to keep her mittens on?

The Root of All Beauty


I’d like to introduce our first ever guest blogger!  She is a member of our extended family, my mother-in-law Becky, who has created a line of lovely, organic skin care called Principia. She lives the county life on her beautiful ranch in Wallowa County, Oregon with her attorney husband, a huge, white dog and a diabolical cat. She writes about it on her blog “A Covenant Life

We gave away 5 bottles of Principia’s fantastic “Daily Repair Facial Serum”  ($40 value) If you didn’t win you can buy some now for HALF PRICE! It makes a Perfect stocking stuffer, but you’ll probably want to just keep it for yourself. . .


When Pink Peppers asked me to write for the blog, you can imagine that I scratched my head to think of a fitting topic. My daughter-in-law solved the problem by asking me to write about my skincare line, Principia (pronounced: Prin SIP e a, from the Latin word meaning foundations or beginnings.)

The Principia story begins long ago when I was a little girl–very long ago. I vividly remember sitting at at the end of my mother’s bed, watching with rapt attention as each morning she went through her daily beauty regime. Hands propped on either side of my face, I lay watching in fascination as, carefully–steadying her lip liner against her chin–she softly traced around the edges of her beautiful lips. She sketched as well as any artist and I was fascinated. Today she is 83 and still a beautiful woman.


I suppose when it comes to beauty, fashion and skin care, I am my mother’s child. What can I say? I love make up, skin care, bath products and pretty much anything to do with beauty. What’s more, I wanted the best possible products for taking care of myself. My idea of that had always been Lancome. I paid dearly for the privilege of wearing their make up and using their skin care, but it helped that I landed a part time job with them as a young married woman at Bloomingdale’s in Washington D.C.

Not long ago, I developed an irritation to some of Lancome’s products. A friend suggested I consider an organic, natural skin care alternative. I liked the idea because, by this time, I was also dabbling in the world of learning how to make my own high-end bath products. I knew something about the qualities and therapeutic effects of organic natural oils and essential oils.

That led me to the concept of Principia, and finding a company that would formulate my skin care to my specifications and in small batches. I found what I believe to be one of the best companies in North America–maybe anywhere–as evidenced by companies who order with them world-wide. They have years of research and knowledge in Aromatherapy and Aesthetics under their belt to help formulate Principia. I was drawn to their integrity and composition In addition, I was drawn to the fact that they are debt free and disclose even the most minute amounts of ingredients in their products, despite not having to, according to the FDA.

I’m still an infant in the process of learning about organic skin care, but I do believe Principia is as good as anything I’ve used–at a fraction of the price.

Principia’s simple, 5 product skin care regime has many distinctive qualities. We use the best botanicals from around the world to formulate our exclusive line with the whole body in mind.

The line has been carefully designed to be green & vegan certified, using choice botanicals and pure, naturally derived ingredients. This natural approach to skincare brings the ultimate fresh & clean approach that is truly therapy for your skin. Principia contains pure essential oils, not only for their aroma but also for their therapeutic values. We never use synthetic fragrances, unnecessary chemicals or animal byproducts.

In addition, each and every product in the Principia line is made with DMAE and MSM, two proven ingredients that over time have shown to help with cell elasticity and youthfulness. In particular, MSM helps with healing and soothing of the skin.

Principia Skin Care
Each day use all five products (which takes just a few minutes to apply) gives you the maximum benefits. A description follows of each product. Each product is numbered so it’s easy to remember the sequence to follow.

#1 Daily Reclaim Mud Gel Cleanser with DMAE/MSM $44

No slinging mud here even though our gel cleanser comes straight from the good earth! What better way to start your beauty regime than from the ground up. Reclaim mud cleanser uses ingredients from where the root of all beauty grows: the earth itself. This unique purifier with clays used in the finest spas helps draw away dirt, makeup and everyday grime, leaving your skin clear and able to breathe.

#2 Daily Revive Facial Astringent with DMAE/MSM $28

Point the spray nozzle to your face, close your eyes and while giving your face two short mists (or whatever makes you feel good) say “ahhhhhhh”, that felt good! Congratulations, our toner not only gave you a little face tightening but cleared away any residue, restored your PH balance and tightened your pores. There are lots of great ingredients in this toner but we love the witch hazel and willow bark, and lavender essential oil an aromatherapy with a calming effect.

#3 Reficio( L. to rebuild) Daily Repair Facial Serum with DMAE/MSM $40

This is quintessential Principia and the anchor of our skin care regime! Think of it like medicine for your face only better! Our organic serum is packed full of all of nature’s best healers without the harsh chemicals.

#4 Renovo (L. to renew) Daily Renew Facial Creme with DMAE/MSM $36

You say creme, I say creme we all scream for this cream, cause it’s fabulous! A rich moisturizer that luxuriously lubricates without any greasy feeling and packed full of nature’s best ingredients.

#5 Reddo L. (to return) Daily Restore Under Eye Creme with DMAE/MSM $48

Richly formulated for the thin and sensitive skin under the eyes; a wonderfully nourishing “eye cocktail” that makes using under eye cover up glide on effortlessly.

Save $50 and order the entire routine  for a price of $150

To order Principia products contact Becky via email:

How to dress a redhead

freyja and friends 018

Freyja (front) with Rachel's girls Sadie and Raeme. They had each picked out a few items for themselves to wear that day which included a few fairy/princess costumes. And they still managed to look adorable!

I’m always so impressed with mothers who make an effort to dress their kids in really cute, pulled-together outfits. One mother in particular at  my church always does an amazing job. Her daughters show up with carefully done hair in little braids and updos and often hand made clothing or accesorries.  Find some of her beautifully hand crafted items for kids and home here: Arrayed and Adorned

I started noticing Freyja’s wardrobe was a little lacking and the many light pink things borrowed from her blonde cousin Anwyn were washing her out. “How should I dress my little, fuzzy, red haired daughter”, I kept asking fellow moms. One friend, Rachel, whose daughters are also mini fashion plates,  recommended purples. So I went with it.

freyja and friends 028


freyja and friends 025


freyja and friends 022

My Favorite Time of the Year

I hinted to Eric that my last bottle of parfume he got me was almost gone.  So, what do you know, I got a beautifully wrapped bottle of Versace for our anniverary.

I hinted to Eric that my last bottle of perfume he got me was almost gone. So, what do you know, I got a beautifully wrapped bottle of Versace for our anniversary.

For all the reasons stated before, I love fall.  Out here, anyway, the summers can be so warm that it seems the primary goal is to stay cool.  But when fall rolls around, I’m ready to pull out blazers, sweaters, wool socks, and boots.

My last bottle of parfume just ran out so I’m excited to have gotten this one.  I love to wear perfume and a beautiful bottle is an added bonus.  It looks great on the vanity.


I love the detailing on this bag.

I’m very excited about this purchase.  I had been promising Eric that some day I was going to spend good money on a purse and I finally found what I was looking for.  I really wanted brown suede for the fall.  This one is large enough that it can do double duty as a diaper bag.

My vintage feather hat.

My vintage feather hat.

I couldn’t resist this- $5.00 at an antique store.  It goes perfectly with some of the vintage outfits from my granny.

These are a few of my favorite things…


I have had this necklace for a couple years now but I never tire of it!  It is one of my best antique store finds, discovered at one of the little shops in Union Town, WA.


I almost didn’t buy these boots when I was out on a recent shopping trip… I’m so glad I did now!  The low heel makes them very useful and the width of the ankle and calf area make them easy to tuck a slim pair of jeans into without looking bulky.


Its bright colors really drew me to this scarf when I was perusing the streets of Paris this last May.  I saw these square, tassel-fringed scarves on most European necks when I was there so I figured it would be a good piece to pick up.

My wish list for this fall include some brightly colored scarves, like the one below, and cardigans to brighten up the rainy months.  Something else I have been bizarrely attracted to lately is jeans with low-set back pockets.  I don’t really understand this fascination, and maybe once I buy a pair I will be disenchanted but right now I really like the look.


Tall to the Small for Fall

IMG_5062It's all in the details

This is just terrifically classic, flattering A-line skirt and cable knit sweater with a bangly necklace.

I am seeing a lot of orange, plum and chartreuse out there for fall and I am thrilled.  They are my favorite colors.  Vera Wang is a favorite of mine though I tried this one on it ended up looking better on the hanger than on me, it totally billowed at the butt!

silky chartreusepatent leather


The shirts cinched at the smallest part of your body and then hanging loosely below cover a multitude of sin- errrr growth around the middle, for older women this is especially helpful.  To the dusty blues these plum accents are perfect.  The Peter Pan collared coat is a maternity rain coat at Target.

loving that deep purplesuedeI like big buckles

Leggings for fall

Leggings under fall dresses allow girls with really long legs to go ahead and wear the shorter dress without looking too, well, short.  Coupled with a pair of cute flats finishes the casual dressy look.

grey flannelleggingsflats with big buckles

corduroy- very cute!

I love the corduroy with floral accent.  It looks like Anthropolgie vintage look, but this is the real thing.  This little girl’s mom said, “I hope it won’t ruin things to tell you I got them at the Goodwill.”  Even better!  Great finds for cheap are the way to go!  Cute little plum sneakers would go great with these vintage cords.  I am liking her grey flannel shoes too!

IMG_5096IMG_5108for the occasional shower

What I’m Loving for the Fall

I know it’s Fall when I start pulling the sweaters down from above my closet!  It’s not cold enough to warrant a coat but still, you need something a little cozy.  I love this shawl-collar type of sweater (a gift to me when Tim and I were dating) and the fact that it’s made of cashmere puts it a notch above my ordinary knits.  I’d love to get some more of this kind in a variety of colors to help dress up a bland outfit.Fall Fashion 094Color:  Away go the bright pinks and reds of summer and out come the mature, deep hues of fall and winter.  I love this shade of purple/brown– at a glance it almost looks black, but it doesn’t go quite that far.  Save the goth look for Halloween, wear this throughout the fall.Fall Fashion 099I include these simply because they are my favorite colors of the year– bright celedon green and a strong orange/red with a hint of coral.Fall Fashion 090Jewels:  Moving away from the pearls and pastels of summer but not quite into the glitter of winter, it’s time to pull out the gold and color!  I love this ring that Cait and Aileen gave me for my birthday.  The coral necklace is a statement on it’s own.Fall Fashion 061Outerwear:  One of my all-time favorites– the timeless bomber jacket.  I found this one in an antique shop years ago and have never gotten tired of it.  For some reason it seems to have outlasted the trends of most leather coats.Fall Fashion 072Accessories:  A good belt can dress up even a tee shirt and jeans.Fall Fashion 089Boots!  A cool-weather must have!  This awesome pair actually belongs to my mother-in-law but I asked Mere to borrow them for the photo shoot.  I like the casual, flat heeled boot with a tucked in pair of pants best.  I’ve been on a kick lately of wearing them with stretchy pants instead of jeans for a riding-boot look that’s more comfortable than bulky jeans.Fall Fashion 051Not to be forgotten, the indispensable bag.  With my mother-in-law’s help, I finally got a grown-up purse for my birthday that I hope I’ll have for a long time.  I like to think it’s old-Hollywood-ish.Fall Fashion 100 (2)

One thing I’d like to pull together this year is the ever-popular layering and accessorizing effect.  Usually I just satisfy myself with one accessory and un-creative layers.  The other just requires so much thought and work!  And often it just looks contrived.  I think sometimes JCrew (where this photo is from) over-does it, but occaisionally they have some inspiring ideas.  It’s something I’d like to work on anyway…layering

Fall Chic

It’s fall when ….I polish my beat up cowboy boots and buy new socks. 


blog 010


Fall makeup: I stumbled on my new make up routine mostly because it takes 10 minutes to do. And because it’s a fresh change after wearing all that bronzer over the summer.

Apply foundation and leave your face clean with just a hint of blush on the apple of your cheeks. Add minimal or no eye shadow, but apply plenty of mascara. Then use a punchy red lipstick before you walk out the door. Make sure to apply a moiturizer first so you get a soft  look, instead of too much color. I was excited to discover a $1 lipstick at drugstores: Wet n’ Wild 519A. Cheap enough to try a few shades!


blog 003


I’m keeping my eyes peeled for: a cozy but elegant,  long sweater that will cover my growing belly….something like this. It’s from Isabella Oliver, a line of beautiful maternity clothing that makes me drool. Isabella Oliver Maternity

blog 014


Accessories: This costume jewelry is just the right colors for going with fall’s warm browns, greens, reds, and golds. I don’t wear it in the summer so it feels new again every autumn. I got this at a garage sale for 2 bucks but it still makes me feel dressy when I add it to a t-shirt and jeans.

I got this at a garage sale for 2 bucks but it still makes me feel dressy when I add it to a t-shirt and jeans.

Fall Fashion

blog 007


Fall is probably the most fashionable time of the year  and makes us all crave back-to-school shopping–  even if we’ve long outgrown it. Layers of leather, tweeds and scarves, lovely tall boots and plenty of warm color makes us swoon.

So pull out your off-season boxes, and make a list of things to add to your wardrobe. That’s what we’re doing this week….



A New Dress for Anwyn

My grandpa's old chashmere sweater.

My grandpa's old cashmere sweater.


Made in Scotland.  100% cashmere.

Made in Scotland. 100% cashmere.

I don’t tend to be a sentimental person but I just couldn’t let this go to the Goodwill.  It was my grandpa’s from several years ago and there is not a hole in it.  It is a beautiful gray and as I said before, I LOVE knit things.

Since I don’t knit, I have to cheat a bit.  If  I want a knit stocking, I have to cut up some knit thing.  And if I wanted, say a girl’s knit jumper, I would have to cut up an old, gray, cashmere sweater or some such thing.

So that is my hope for this sweater: to turn it into a gray dress for Anwyn for this fall.  If turns out I’ll post about it and if  it doesn’t… well, that will be it.  I don’t think I’ll  post about how I wasted my time and ruined a lovely sweater.

Classic Baby

My newest aquisition.  Ralph Lauren Baby

My newest acquisition. Ralph Lauren Baby.


One of my favorites, a cable knit one piece.

One of my favorites, a cable knit one piece.


This little sweater will be so cute with the navy blue, velvet overalls.

This little sweater will be so cute with the navy blue, velvet overalls.

While I may not be doing much shopping for myself seeing that I only have 5 weeks to go and that I am saving all my pennies for a totally awesome pea coat from J. Crew or some place, that does not mean I have given up clothes shopping all together.  I have just been shopping for smaller people and just the other day I could not resist the little blue and white striped one piece by Ralph Lauren.

I LOVE Ralph Lauren, especially for boys.  They epitomize classic.  I’m excited about anything knit and have every intention of making a gray, knit, cashmere hat for the baby once he is born. 



I’m All About My Hair.

I should probably be more about my hair but I sorta just don’t care.

I tried to for awhile.  I went to a salon where they charged good money to cut my hair.  Now I’ve settled on the walk-in places because when my hair needs cut, it needs cut now, not next week when they can fit me in, not scheduled so if I happen to be having a good hair day I have to go get it cut anyway, just now.  Doing that still gives me that bit of uncertainty that I seem to crave.

I have been doing this for years and sometimes I have tempted other victims to accompany me.  A long time ago, I took my sister, right before her wedding, to a very pink “salon” and while the woman distractedly permed Tammy’s hair, and lost track of time, I sat there knowing my time was coming, like a sheep to the slaughter.

When the beautician was done, Tammy emerged looking like a shorn poodle, and I was in stitches!  My mom was next and she too exited with the same sort of butchered look.  I was next, I knew definitively what would happen, and I sat in the chair anyway!

Sitting in the back seat, Tammy and my mom up front, I laughed my head off the whole way home, occasionally looking in the rear view mirror at myself for further fuel.

Oddly enough, I continued going to “Beauty Schools” and took a gamble each time.  You just never knew when you walked in the door at what point in their schooling the students were at; was I to be their first victim errr customer?  And I kinda liked the thrill of it.

A number of years ago,  I sat in the chair and the girl asked me how she should cut my hair.  Not what style would I hope to have but How as in, “how do I use my scissors!?”  I knew right then that this little visit would be a dangerous one.  I was intrigued.

On the one hand, I knew exactly how I wanted my hair cut and often thought if I had an extra set of hands I could do it myself, so I began to guide her along as she hacked my hair.  When she turned me around so that she could cut the back and I was now looking in the mirror, I was horrified to see that she was snatching me bald… and crying.   The girl was standing behind me cutting and crying!  I pondered for about 5 seconds whether to say anything and then yelled, yelled so the entire Beauty School could hear me over the buzz of the salon gossip and the drone of the hair dryers, “STOP!!”

She did and ran into the bathroom crying.

When she came back, her supervisor was with her, and picking up the scissors and what was left of my hair, tried to remedy the mange eaten look.  It was, of course, hopeless.  The supervisor spotted a longish wisp of hair hanging at both my ears and, I think in deference to the fact that I once had hair, left them.

When I got home, I rushed to the living room mirror to view the damage in a more natural setting.  Matthias entered, took one look and said, “You look like a great horned owl.”

I did.



Chanel No 5


Chanel No 5

Chanel No 5

 I love the subtly elegant scent of Chanel No 5.

Things I love

I think this bracelet came from my granny's jewlery box

I think this bracelet came from my granny's jewelry box.

How fun are these? They are huge clip-ons that pinch and pull on your ears but I'm waiting for a chance to wear them.

How fun are these? They are huge clip-ons that pinch and pull on your ears but I'm waiting for a chance to wear them.

I love this necklace of ivy leaves, it looks somewhat Grecian to me.  I found it at a little shop on the coast where the woman collected tons of vintage jewlery to sell.

I love this necklace of ivy leaves, it looks somewhat Grecian to me. I found it at a little shop on the coast where the woman collected tons of vintage jewelry to sell.

My little find from a church garage sale.

My little find from a church garage sale.

This is a fur clip but I have worn it in my hair before too.  The detailing is just beautiful.

This is a fur clip but I have worn it in my hair before too. The detailing is just beautiful.

Though I don't think you can see it very well, even the back has amazing carvings.

Though I don't think you can see it very well, even the back has amazing carvings.

I love going to garage sales, second hand stores and antique shops.  Eric hates them.  He hates the particular second hand smell they all seem to have but to me it’s worth it.  I enjoy poking around for little treasures and my most favorite finds are jewelry.  You can get some great pieces for a steal.  That is where I found the necklace for my wedding when I decided I wanted some big gaudy thing to wear.

You’ll Adora Sephora

Who doesn’t love to have a professional pick out their makeup for them? Better yet, how about if they try it on you and make sure it looks good? To top it all of, what if you walk out the door with a new trick you learned to make your eyes look bigger, your lashes longer, and your sight restored to 20/20 vision?? Well, ok, the last part might not be true, but the rest of it was exactly what I got at a recent trip to my downtown Seattle Sephora.
If you know anything about me, you know I can’t stand to spend a lot of money on stuff. I think for many women, the cost of their indulgences weighs into how much they actually enjoy them. (insert that little voice in your head, “I can’t believe you bought those shoes for full price! How many times are you even going to wear red stilletos  in a year??!)
So try this on for size, ladies: Great service, lovely products at cheap prices, personal attention, and a return policy that will sweep  you off your feet!
I bought an eyeshadow compact maybe 3 months ago and had used it pretty heavily. I opened my make up bag to find the mirror snapped off, probably because my daughter decided to soothe her teething gums on it or something. I brought it in to the store and said, “This broke, I don’t have a receipt or anything and I’ve used quite a bit of it. . .but. . .”
“Sure,” she replied, “take it over to the counter, and we’ll get you a new one.”
Easy as that, folks.
Sephora is also available online and my sister Aileen says she got tons of fun samples when she ordered from their website (they advertise you’ll get three with every order, and free returns) . But I highly reccomend going in and having them do your whole face. Unlike at Nordstrom’s, you’ll actually be able to afford the look they make you love.
Cargo makeup, color: Lucky

Cargo eyeshadow compact, color: Lucky


Four shades perfect for blondes. Dark for evening, just a light sweep of it for daytime.

Erin and I really love this product too: Nars blush and bronzer compact. Little more spendy but I’ve been using it for a year, and there’s no sign of it running out yet, plus it will never turn you orange, just a shimmery summer bronze.

A Modesty Proposal


Meghan, Caitlin, Aileen, Erin and Taite

Meghan, Caitlin, Aileen, Erin and Taite


As a mother of five daughters, we have dealt extensively with the issue of modesty.  We have had, over the years, people who think they need to comment on our daughters’ dress in a critical way.  People who have taken it upon themselves to tell them they think their clothing is out of line.  People who have forgotten that my daughters have a father and mother and some now even a husband who could weigh in if needed.  Now by all this I do not mean to imply that we have never had clothing issues, we have.  Rather I am referring to the courtesy of allowing parents to deal with an issue and not some well meaning outsider.  We have in years past given some of the outfits created a thumbs down and to a daughter, everyone of them was willing to listen to our critique and graciously make adjustments. But, and I think this is crucial, we had their best interest in mind, we love them and care about them.   I think sometimes the accusation of immodest is confused with, “You stand out in a crowd, and I want that to stop right now!”

Confusing colorful, attractive, well fitting clothes with immodest is just silly and dressing to look like you stepped out of the 1800’s is silly too.   Bunned hair, regulation bun, like it’s part of a uniform, scares my husband to death.  Uniforms are for the army and soccer not daily living.  Wearing a potato sack  may be modest in the extreme but it seems also to be shouting, ” I do not have a body!”  Gnosticism can creep in and disguise itself as modesty, when the truth of the matter is that this person needs a reality check.  Your body is made of flesh and it needs some clothing, and go ahead and put a bit of thought into it. Look lovely.

Dressed in a T-shirt, a long cotton skirt, flat sandals and pushing a baby stroller some guy yells at one of our daughters, “hottest mama in the universe!”  And ya gotta wonder, what more can you do?  Aside from donning a burkha, how much more modest can you get?  Looking attractive does not automatically equal immodest.  Further, funky, fun, trendy clothing does not equal immodest.  Getting dressed to look like you belong in the 2000’s is just a good idea; we are not traversing the Kansas plains in covered wagons anymore.

And the checklist of rules is alluring and ever moving for the modesty police: No toes (looks like foot cleavage), no make up (ever heard of Jezebel?  Story goes she was thrown from an upper window for wearing make up!), No leg-ever. I found this “helpful” advice on the internet: ” Avoid pantyhose. They draw attention to the legs, especially black. Some women on a worship team asked the men in the congregation if wearing pantyhose was distracting, and they answered that it was more distracting to them then (sic) just bare legs. I’m not saying that this is so in all cases, but something to think about.”  Avoid pantyhose!  What in the world!?  I think those men on the worship team knew all about reverse psychology.  Oh, and no arms showing (well, maybe 3/4 length sleeves).

Part of the trouble with not having a check list is that, well, you have to think about what you’re wearing and why.  It is a great thing to be individuals and one way we show it is by our creative, thoughtful choices we make about clothes.  The thoughtful part is imperative.

I have heard that if you’re not willing to wear it to church, you shouldn’t wear it at all.  That’s ridiculous.  I am not going to go hiking in the same clothing I would wear to church and I am not going to go swimming in clothing I would wear to church either.  And frankly, I think maybe ratty jeans and flip-flops could be exchanged for something a little more respectful in church, but I digress.

Hiking apparel not intended for church

Hiking apparel not intended for church

So, why am I bringing this up and why right now?  Well, because it just hasn’t been an issue we’ve dealt with recently so I thought I could tackle the modesty issue in a sane and somewhat removed, yet straightforward, manner.

How’d I do?

Send in the Clowns


Something about this tag is extremely appealing to me.

I bought a new pair of jeans recently, a brand I have bought and liked in the past, Lucky.  They looked like they were cut a little differently than the current pair I was in love with and wearing but I thought maybe time had altered my old pair.  I love my current pair, actually pairs, I liked them so much I bought multiple of the same, so I knew I liked the brand and the fit.  I bought the new pair and brought them home put them on and hated them and wore them for awhile until I just had to admit they were difficult to keep up too.  

All day I kept doing the elbows to the waist and wriggling my elbows to get the pants back up where they needed to be.  Maybe this was the new show your butt crack look cut but I wasn’t interested.  So next time I was out and  standing looking at the Lucky jeans I called Taite over while I rolled down the waist band of the pair I love, and asked her to check the size on the tag.  I thought maybe in their attempt to make women feel good about themselves, they slowly make the same size just a tad bigger each year, so I bought the next size down.

I came home put on the next pair, looked in the mirror and thought, “kinda same as the last pair, funny looking” but wore them anyway not liking them but figuring this is the cross a woman has to bear when she gets older, jeans that morph her body into a ridiculous shape.  That  Mom Fit  I figured I’d just keep my recent purchase woes to myself, maybe the misfit was all my imagination, maybe I looked fantastic in these jeans, maybe I was dilusional.  I decided to just wear them and try to bond with them.

That day we traveled to Moscow to see Aileen and had a grand old time until at the end of the day when Aileen and I were alone chatting she suddenly looked at me and said, “Mom, those look like clown pants.”

OK, that was it; they’re gone.

The Broadway Way

I’ve lived in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district for just over 4 months now and I see things differently. That is to say, I don’t trip over the sidewalk or small dogs in disbelief anymore when I see someone sporting a cherry red beard and coat to match. (I am Not making this up, folks).

Broadway is the place to get a little taste of what I mean. It’s the main drag on top of Capitol Hill, and this colorful, busy street never disappoints for people watching. It is home to a coffee shop and a take-out Indian or Thai place on every block, galleries, boutiques, and enough second-hand fashion shops to put eBay out of business.

So here’s a little fashion show on a typical week day in my hood.


this is the caption

Check out the dreds

What would you call this look?

What would you call this look?

How much is that purple wig in the window?

How much is that purple wig in the window?




Second-hand manikins, a little worse for the wear

Second-hand manikins, a little worse for the wear


They were playing some pretty cool music outside Urban Outfitters

They were playing some pretty cool music outside Urban Outfitters

Like the glasses

Like the glasses


Yes, that really is a pirate (but it's a nice one, Anwny)

Yes, that really is a pirate (but it's a nice one, Anwny)

She looks familiar...

She looks familiar...

Is his coat fur-lined?

Is his coat fur-lined?


stuck a feather in his cap and....

stuck a feather in his cap and....