Face Bomb

It’s a little sad when people say, “Take my picture, take my picture,”  all so they can be made ugly.  How much fun you can have by simply switching people’s faces around in the photo?  Quite a lot.  If you do not have the Face Bomb app, get it.  It will be the best $.99 you ever spent.

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Montana Christmas

Merry Christmas

For Christmas this year we headed to Montana where there was the perfect amount of snow and all over wintery feel, just right for Christmas.  We went to The Hobbit, made gingerbread houses, rode the carousel, and went cross country skiing and after skiing we warmed ourselves by the fireplace and sipped White Russians.

A Visit with Santa








October Fest





Photo Blog

Well, thanks to my good friend, Lettie, I finally have a blog for my photography work. Just incase you want to check it out here it is.  If you’re local I could even take your picture.

The Refinished Danish Modern

Well, here they are, the chairs I promised pictures of whenever I got them finished.  I am quite pleased with the results and the pair of them now sit happily in our little library.

I had new leather straps made.


I bought webbing for the seat.



And I ended up having them upholstered in a blue-grey men's suiting fabric.



Home Again, Home Again!


Well, Eric and I just got home from Chicago.  A fast little trip including of course the art museum, some fun restaurants, and a graduation from Notre Dame.  It’s not every day you have a family member graduating from Notre Dame so of course we had to go for that!



















I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to get the memo on this but has anyone discovered Spoonflower?  You can design your own pattern and have it printed to fabric which is pretty amazing.  But what I was really thrilled about was the array of incredible designers on the site.  All the patterns here are the work of Holli Zollinger.

As you know I have this fetish for fabrics.  I love the idea of buying bolts of fabric in a myriad of patterns.  And then what to do with them.  Well, there’s always pillows.  You see, I’m not a big sewer but pillows I can handle.  I found all these fabrics I want to get and need only the smallest excuse to get them.  I would love them all for the boys’ room.  But really, how many pillows does the boys’ room need?  Apparently about twenty.   I think maybe if I just opened a fabric store I would be better off.






And really, I think it would be a crime not to get this one for my little Fox.



My Copper Pot

The colors remind me of a mineral deposit.


Prizes to anyone who can guess what this is.  This is my poor little copper bottomed pot.  It became a casualty to my inattention while at the computer.  I left it to browse artworks.  When I finally remembered it, the water was all boiled away and I had a very over heated pot.  This has happened to several of my pots for the same reasons.  You would think I would learn a lesson.  But the silver lining is that I got a lovely photo out of the whole deal, one I think I might actually frame.

Happy Easter!












A Baptism Party for Rhys

We went out for a quick over night visit to Caitlin and Zac’s place to celebrate Rhys’ baptism.  What fun we packed into a short little stay.  The food was amazing, bacon wrapped asparagus, Traeger smoked tri tip, shrimp scampi, and some lovely cheeses.  And of course plenty of baby holding.














Fixing a Danish Modern

I have had Danish Modern chairs on the brain since, well, I keep seeing them in the decorating magazines.  I have been on the hunt for some and the search has been arduous, since now everyone wants them.  “Oh, we got rid of two Danish Modern chairs and a sofa back in the ’80s in Florida,” mom kindly told me.  Many people on ebay don’t want to ship them to you.  I have been driving Eric crazy.  So when I finally bought a couple chairs, he was thrilled.  More, I think, with the hope that I would stop talking about them.

Then I found these right on my local Craigslist.  The original price was $1,500.  Gulp!  I showed Eric just how beautiful these chairs were.  Functional works of art.  I closed out of the site and vowed not to return.  But I did.  What have I go to lose?  I could just ask.  The worst that happens is she says “Are you out of your crazy mind?”.  So I did.  Would you be willing to take $500 for the pair?  I waited and waited.  It was dumb, I shouldn’t have made that offer.  But then I got an e mail back.  When would you like to come take a look?

I don’t really always like things to come to me new.  I get a lot out of fixing things up.  I feel like they are more mine if I can fix them up.  So the chair will hopefully be getting new cushions, new leather straps, and new webbing for the seat.  Honestly rewebbing it is kinda freakin’ me out.  I’ll keep you posted.


The leather strap allows you to adjust the back of the seat. As you can see it needs replaced.


Just look at the back on this chair. Beautiful. I almost hate to put a cushion on it.

Baby Rhys Comes for a Visit















Little Fox

I have loved these little lips since I first saw them on the 3D ultrasound picture.

He is quite proud of his teeth.

And is working on getting all his molars. Hard work for a two year old.

Happy little Fox

Paper Maché Trophy Head



Erin,  help!  Do I want to buy this?   I have been looking at several paper mache trophy heads and the ones you sent me from West Elm have been my favorite ones so far.  I like the wildebeest or maybe I like it better because I go into shock at the price of the Gemsbok.  But it also reminded me of this marble bust I saw at the Smithsonian.  I’m pretty sure I would love  the Wildebeest really anywhere in the house but maybe particularly in my kitchen.  But do you think it is too small?  As I told you before, I have been wanting to add some modern elements to my house and I love the whimsy of this.






Snow Day

It just so happens that we have snow over here and quite a bit too.  I love it.  I would be happy if we had snow all the way till spring.  Alas, we don’t get it that often but when we do I think it’s so cosy.  We have been listening to lots of Harry Potter infront of the fireplace.  Eric and I have been watching Bleak House on Netfix.  I would highly recommend it.  And eating plenty of brownies, the soft dense kind with plenty of walnuts and butter.  Here is the brownie recipe incase you should want to join in on the eating.

Best Cocoa Brownies:

10T. butter

1 1/4c. sugar

3/4c.+2T. cocoa

1/4t. salt

1/2t. vanilla

2 eggs

1/2c. flour

2/3c. walnuts

Combine butter, sugar, cocoa, and salt.  Heat mixture till combined and melted and you want to remove your finger quickly.  Set aside till just warm.  Add the eggs one at a time.  Stir in the rest of the ingredients until just mixed.  Bake in an 8×8 pan at 325 for about 30 minutes.

Anwyn’s Room Makeover

As I promised, a post on Anwyn’s bedroom makeover.  If the room itself looks different- it is.  We made some room changes so the kids could have a play room and what a great change that has been.  All the toys in one room- phew.

Most of the pink is gone as promised, but touches remain.  She is my only girl after all and I still love pink.

I painted all the rooms in the house Brown Bag so I could change things up whenever I wanted without having to repaint every time. I move things around too often.

I made the "A" pillow using a template off the computer.

This cute little dresser was from Caitlin who didn't want it any more, if you can imagine.

I repainted the chair in gold.

And used Anna Maria Horner fabric. I love some of her fabric.

I just had to keep the pink flowers and the star we picked up in San Francisco.

My Wonderful World of Fashion


Of late Anwyn has loved designing and coloring clothes, shoes, hats, bags and everything in between.  Watching a few Project Runways with me has definitely fueled this interest.  This fabulous little book Eric and I picked up in San Francisco at Anthropologie has been perfect.



Mouse Pad

My little mouse has been running around on a book so I thought I might get a real mouse pad for it.


If you are at all like me, I come across fabric I just love all the time.  I hold it and think long a hard about  just what it is that I would do with it .  And thinking of nothing because I already have plenty of pillows and really don’t enjoy sewing all that much, put it back.  This is a little project just in case you should run across a smallish piece of cloth that is calling your name and you simply must have it.  It need be no bigger than a mouse pad, in fact mouse pad size is perfect.  With that bit of cloth and some Heat ‘n Bond you can make a perfectly adorable little pad for your mouse.

One ugly little mouse pad and some Heat'n Bond is all you really need.


Make sure to cut out a square slightly larger than the pad.


Iron the Heat'n Bond to the fabric then peel off the backing and iron to the mouse pad.


Voila! A cute little mouse pad.


And best of all you don’t have to sew one little bit.