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Here we all are.  The five of us bloggers in one place.  Actually there are six females, but Taite is a bit young to be depended upon to post weekly.  She comes up as a guest blogger.

The five of us each live in a different city and decided to keep up with what is going on in each others lives by posting on this blog once a week.  Or at least that is how it is supposed to work.  Aileen is becoming our “invisi-sis” and so her posts are few and far between.  But should any of us be lacking something to post about, mom has always got something in the works.  So for the most part the site is updated daily.

Mom is amazing.  She had seven kids and still found time to watercolor and do the things she loves.

I have four little kids and love making things- as quickly as possible.  Any DIY ideas of mine can usually be done in an afternoon or I just won’t get them done.

Erin is the world traveler and most of the travel stories are hers.  She is the one who heads to Argentina on a whim for her birthday. She has two little boys.

Caitlin is the one who gets the credit for getting this blog on its feet.  She is a freelance writer and has written some pretty funny stories on this blog about frugal living. She is the mother to a fiery haired little girl and two boys.

Aileen is the mad scientist, working on her PhD in microbiology, married to a great guy and whose posts are, as I said before, as rare as hen’s teeth.

Life is beautiful.  Live lovely.

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