$ How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets or Why Frette Sheets Are NOT Worth The Money $

When I finally (and I say finally because I have been married for going on 8 years now) bought a good mattress set I decided to splurge on sheets.  You sleep on them every night, right? Probably worth the money? I researched everything I could on-line in order to make a good investment.  I looked over Sferra, Matouk, other more popular brands like Garnet Hill or Serena and Lilly…. Frette.  I embarrass myself thinking about the time it took to purchase a set.  For weeks we were sleeping on a flat queen sheet while I delayed making the investment for our california king bed.

The online reviews of Frette made my mouth water.  Plus, their storied past was enticing- same sheets as those used on the Titanic and by other purveyors of luxury for decades.  The Titanic?? I should have known.  When they showed up in the mail I took photos of the packaging.  I realize this puts me in a category of crazy all my own, but I am a die-hard aesthete and appreciate good packaging.  I was slightly disappointed when I noticed that the black stitching on the Hotel Collection that I had bought was not very tight- you could see the sheet through it and that make it look cheap-ish on close inspection.

I decided to keep them because I was curious about their incredible quality.  I remember reading books in which linens were passed down through families and outlasted their owners.  This couldn’t just be a thing of the past! So, this is where you know things go down-hill.  After the first washing the sheets were so wrinkly they were like unfolding tissue paper out of the dryer.  It bothered me enough that on several occasions I ironed them by hand before putting them back on the bed.  Waste of time.  They were wrinkled again after the first night.

The bit that made me decide to call up the company and see if there was anything that could be done, though, was the yellowing that occurred after less than a year.  Despite laundering them to specifications and never with anything besides white, the creepy outline of my supine form could not be removed.  I won’t bore you with all the details of unrequited love, un-returned phone calls, a messy and short relationship with Anna the head of customer service for Frette on-line…. basically I was told that I had owned them for too long for anything to be done.

Now to me this is the equivalent of purchasing a Channel bag and being told that I shouldn’t expect it to hold up any better than the one I got at Target.  Which is what I told Anna (except I used the example of sheets and buying them at Ikea to make it simple for her).  If I planned on throwing my sheets away after a year, believe you me I would have gone to Ross.

So here is my bit of advice (and this is for Aileen who recently asked me about purchasing sheets):

-Go to Ross or Ikea or wherever if you plan to throw your sheets away after a year.  Or light your money on fire.  Don’t buy Frette.

-If you want something decent, buy a wrinkle resistant set from a middle of the range place like Macy’s.  They’ll look luxe and you’ll feel luxe when you sleep on them but if they don’t last, your children can still go to college.

-If you are determined to have a really good sheet set, buy them through a company with an iron-clad return policy such as Bloomingdale’s or Saks.  Do not buy them direct from the manufacturer.

-If you do get taken by a company with an August name but poor ethics, do what all good jilted consumers do- go on every website that sells their product and leave a nasty review warning other would-be lovers to STAY AWAY.

Then post about it on your blog.




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14 Responses to $ How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets or Why Frette Sheets Are NOT Worth The Money $

  1. Beth says:

    Is there no concern for customer satisfaction any more? It’s a shame!

  2. Aileen says:

    Good to know! I did buy some cheap ones recently (TJ Maxx I think…) and every time I wash them I feel guilty for my cheapness – thank you for setting me free! I will sleep better tonight.

  3. Gretchen says:

    My favorite sheets are Ross sheets they have lasted 3 + years and that’s with a husband that has passed out on them after a fire with his nomex and boots still on multiple times

  4. Marge says:

    Look at the thread count – the higher the count the more sturdy and very comfortable. Only buy when linens are on sale (January White Sales) that’s when you can get a high thread count for the price of the less expensive ones at regular prices. I had good luck with ones from groupon or some such place at $29 for 800 thread count. Next time you’re out have a look at mine.

  5. becc says:

    Woah amazing i like your content. Keep up the work! You understand, a number of people will be looking for this sort of data, you can assist folks drastically.

  6. Terri says:

    A good post title might have been- “Frette NOT!”

  7. Steve says:

    I am sorry that you had a bad experience with Frette, some of their products are better than others. I am afraid their hotel line is one of there lower lines. Some of the other companies you referenced produce very nice product. As far as the yellowing, this is more of a function of body oil and using the right detergent. I offer some tips on my website that included washing and other helpful information. A good set of sheets should last for 4 to 8 years, however, there are many factors that influence wear including harsh detergents & too high of heat. Check out my site (under the bedding tips tab for articles). As well don’t hesitate to email us with your questions. Steve – Vero Linens. http://www.verolinens.com

  8. Michelle says:

    Wow, good to know. Now I too can be liberated for my cheapness in sheets.

  9. gerard says:

    Ƭhank you for the auspicious writeup. It was аn amusing account.

  10. launa says:

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  11. magpieDV says:

    I’m so glad for this review–thank you! Have been obsessing all day over whether to spring for the Frette linens on Gilt, or stick with something more practical (Dormisette flannels from Overstock for the oncoming nasty NE winter, and percale for the rest of the year). “Classic luxury brands” like Frette–as one reviewer puts it above, the BRs of the luxury world–are tough because sometimes they’re worth every penny and sometimes they’re a complete waste, and it’s hard to know beforehand except through trial and error.

    Thanks to you, I’m happily skipping the un-guaranteed Frette. And when the time comes, I’ll just pick up some percale sheets from LL Bean (excellent testing/comparison review of top mid-priced percales here – http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-sheets-new/). No guilt, no regret, just good information!

  12. Dianne Kerr says:

    I bought the Hotel Collection Frette sheets a year ago and they are out of this world. Full price would be about $450. but I paid $200.(King) at Homesense (Home Goods in the US). It’s true about the wrinkling but the crisp coolness of these sheets and the crunchy sound they make are heavenly. Long staple Egyptian cotton, perfectly woven. Magnificent percale. It is best to iron the pillowcases and top sheet but you could also just remove them quickly from the dryer and smooth them out when you fold them. I would not part with these sheets. All high quality Italian-made sheets made with Egyptian cotton will require ironing if you want smooth. What distinguishes them is the coolness and the sound, as well as the ‘hand’ – which refers to how they feel in the hand. This is more important than thread count. They are not for everyone but the quality is unmistakeable.

  13. marc says:

    who would like to mention that this is a well-run website also that is unfortunate to always check your iron size if possible, this can be done quite easily by looking at the edge of the sheet sets, this is she is seven or eight pounds or even heavier it is with a very heavy yard typically a fun year and she said it should be around 56 pounds this is the optimal weight woven bed sheets.

    Thank you for your time

  14. Duc-King says:

    Same problem with my gloriously packaged sheets from Frette. After a couple of cold water washes and low heat dry, they still look dingy, yellowing, and ugly and the warning I read somewhere about not letting hair touch the pillow cases or sheets because of the oils in human bodies — well, that is really weird. I iron, but the next night it looks like I had a week-long slumber party. As for smoothness, etc. , any medium price sheet feels just as good. I got hauled in by the name and the brilliant color trim (which, luckily, did not run). Nice, but what a pain. If oxyclean can’t get rid of some of the “body” stain, out they go.

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