Mohawks and Hookahs

Okay, so I was pretty honored when a friend of Jarrett’s texted him and wondered if he should dress up for dinner at our house, to think he might think that we do that, that he should do that. I was humbled. I glanced down at my house shoes a.k.a. scraggly slippers and my house sweater a.k.a. absolute horror but warm sweater and said,

 “Oh, please tell him ‘no.'”

 And then I ran to my bedroom and threw on some earrings to go with the slippers and sweater. Our guest arrived  and kept his knitted cap on at the table. He was sure we would not approve of what lie beneath,

 “Oh, please, we don’t care a wit.”

 Our dinner guest was here because I have a vision for our “wine cellar;” please hold the term loosely until further notice, in fact, our in-house sommelier, Igor, is beginning to rebel at the conditions  to which he’s reduced sometimes refusing to bring up the better wines so poor is our “cellar.” Enter this terrific guy with a mohawk who might just do the work.

 We had a terrific time getting to know him riddling him with questions about his life, his faith, his living situation, his family, his future… After dinner and now gathered in the kitchen eating dessert, I was probing to get a quote for the wine cellar work. Jarrett; meanwhile, was busily setting up the hookah. Our guest quickly looked from Jarrett to Jarrett’s mom and finally just asked,

 “Your parents are okay with this?”

 “We’re okay with hookahs. So… anyway, back to a general quote for the wine cellar….?”

 Taking a long drag  he said,

 “I think I might need another dinner before I can figure it out.”

 Fair enough.


My inability with the camera aids in anonymity.

Hopefully these are the “before” photos:

golf club, outdoor hoses and all manner of detritus put Igor off.

golf club, outdoor hoses and all manner of detritus put Igor off.


“High End” deserves better.


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3 Responses to Mohawks and Hookahs

  1. Sarah says:

    Excited to see the wine cellar.
    This story is funny! Reminds me of my friends who were confused that (pre-marriage)I would text my nurse mom with their STD questions. “You would ask your MOM??!? Won’t she freak out?”

  2. Terri says:

    And I bet she didn’t even freak out, Sarah!

  3. You could absolutely have an understanding of what you’re posting. The particular field wants far more fervent writers such as you exactly who will not be fearful to convey the direction they think.

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