A Collage


My house is devoid of family photos. I don’t really have a good reason. I am pretty dang proud of my family.  So when I saw this great idea in Ballard Design I decided it was high time to hang family photos. I like the way the photos aren’t lined up in any way, just willy nilly all over so that I can add more without a set pattern. All you need is a big blank wall:


A few of these will be up there:

This amazing photographer”s site is Red Shoes Photography. Go to her site and you can see the famous Henny & Penny hamming it up in a few of the photos. (photos here with permission)


Duck Dynasty-3

If you could see this photo really close, you would notice that Atlas and Valiant are very serious about this.

Duck Dynasty

I get a kick out of Atlas carefully observing Valiant for how to place his hands on his hips. The seriousness of the matter, oh my.

Duck Dynasty-5

Out of the camo, back to being city boys.

And then Blue Filter Photography did a great shoot of Caitlin and Zac’s family. After Christmas. When the last thing three little people want to do is quit playing and pose. And can I just say it is no small feat to get Freyja not being a little pipster:

photos 12 photos 8 photos 9 (1) photos 5 (1) photos 3 (1)-2 photos 18-2

Starting with zero framed family photos, this is the  collage in progress. I have lots and lots of room for more. But it’s a start:


The great shot of Andrew with the cig hanging out of his mouth and the one of Taite above him courtesy of Hannah Farris


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