Supper of the Lamb

Some people are book re-readers. I am not. There are precious few I care to read again.  Supper of the Lamb  is  worth it. It is the perfect book to  read during the holiday’s feasting, reminding me that calorie counting be damned when Caitlin arrived with her perfected cinnamon rolls made through the sweet harmony of two master baker’s recipes.  And then when the pan was cleared of all its  bready goodness, a spoon to get at the gooey toffeed stickiness from the bottom was the only right thing to do. Feast days are not the time for fasting. Period.

On the heels of those glorious cinnamon rolls was prime rib medium rare, mashed potatoes engorged with butter and popovers whose batter was carefully placed on top of the fatty drippings of the roast. The next morning’s breakfast was a mere 1/4 cup of shredded wheat. It was the best I could do.

Of this, Robert Farrar Capon says:

“The calorie approach is the work of the devil. He has persuaded otherwise sane men that festal eating should not alternate with ferial eating at all, but with dieting- an activity which, while it uses food,  hopes that it can keep food from having anything significant to do with us… The dieter has no way of distinguishing good food from bad.”

To have been “on a diet,” to have turned down a Christmas feast fit for a queen for no other reason than a calorie count, is to be presented cinnamon rolls fit for the gods and refuse them as though they are on par with day old doughnuts in a cellophane wrapper. To be a dieter is to lose the ability to distinguish good food from bad. Christmas is most assuredly not the time to diet. Neither is New Year’s.


Have you seen Hogarth’s etching: O The Roast Beef of Old England?


Jeroboam sized baby and bottle of wine. We conquered the bottle during the Christmas feast.


This is a sneaky false picture of tranquility during the feasting and festing.


With a few stray chairs and a little elbow rubbing, 15 managed to squeeze around the table.


Delegate, delegate, delegate. Anwyn (& Co.) made the matchless place settings.


Glorious flowers from the Top family. I just looove the cabbage rose.


Aoife prefers mayhem to quiet so this was a very good day for her.


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4 Responses to Supper of the Lamb

  1. Andi says:

    My mom gave me Supper of the Lamb last Christmas, and I just started re-reading it with my husband. It is absolutely wonderful – instantly one of my all-time favorites.

  2. Terri says:

    There are so many quotable sayings, Andi, that I could almost just highlight the whole book.

  3. Renee Patel says:


  4. Collin Higgins says:

    This year I wanted to make something special for the kids for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. I had just visited BJs wholesale the night before and picked up a 4-pack of cinnamon rolls so it just seemed perfect that I made something different with them. I’ve seen recipes for cinnamon roll waffles but we have a Belgian waffle iron so that wasn’t going to work. I love french toast casserole so this felt like the next best thing.

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