The Refinished Danish Modern

Well, here they are, the chairs I promised pictures of whenever I got them finished.  I am quite pleased with the results and the pair of them now sit happily in our little library.

I had new leather straps made.


I bought webbing for the seat.



And I ended up having them upholstered in a blue-grey men's suiting fabric.



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5 comments to The Refinished Danish Modern

  • Marge

    Great job Meg. These remind me of the furniture that Grandpa and I had when we first got married. Just remember that if you keep “anything” (including clothing) for 20 years or more it will cycle around and again be an “in” thing.

  • erin

    Oh wow! those look awesome! I love the deep tufting with the buttons!

  • Michelle Young

    Beautiful job, Meghan! And I like your new little library room.

  • I’m still just in love with how you rearranged your house. And I love the chairs too!

  • Meghan, where did you get the pads made at? I have a chair almost exactly like this that is on my ‘to-do’ list to redo before the baby comes. The pads are horrible and need to be replaced…wondering if you had a good place I could check out online…

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