Domestic Arts

Taite has had zero training in handiwork. I decided this summer she should learn something. She is learning to embroider. Taite can Irish dance, hip hop dance, play the piano, read- a lot… and massacre her dad in a game of cards. But handwork? Zilch. So, I hit upon the art of embroidery for her first acquired skill. Her first project is this line up of owls that we will turn into a long pillow.

These owls will become the front of a pillow

She found the perfect basket to keep all her threads and hand work.

Jarrett requested an owl on a t-shirt of his.

This skirt was made from a fitted sheet- an old one that was not deep enough for the newer thicker mattresses. I took the deep elastic pocket and made it the top elastic waistband. Taite is planning to embroider a little on this and give it to Freyja. She plans to switch to birds- or fish- anything- just not owls.

She decided on a bird.

What other lovely skill should we move to next?

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3 Responses to Domestic Arts

  1. Beth says:

    Very cute! There are some lovely sampler patterns that have embelishments and various stitches to work on linen. That’s what I started Kathryn on eons ago.

  2. erin says:

    oh my word Taite! I am so impressed! Those are adorable, and very well done especially considering this is a first-time achievement!

  3. erin says:

    you know, girls arent the only ones who can wear embroidered outfits….. looks pretty cute on little boys too….

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