Jesus Storybook Bible Give-away!

“Sometimes I go into Sunday schools and ask two questions of the children “How many people here think you have to be good for God to love you?” and “How many people here think God will stop loving you if you stop being good?”
I wrote this book for the children who put up their hands.”
– Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of the Jesus Storybook Bible

I don’t know if you have any of these in your household, but mine has some naughty little kids in it. Sometimes they are just plain awful. Right now for example after a fairly trying day, is nap time. Finally. But instead of listening to slumbering angels and I’m hearing bumping, crying and crashing coming from the room. I’ll be right back. . . .

Where was I? Oh yes, so this house has sinners in it, and after a particularly hard day of corrections and talks and more discipline and more talking, this children’s Bible is a great one to go back to. In it, my kids and I read about how God works long term, not with already perfect people, but ones that He is making perfect with his “Never stopping, Never giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever love.”

The stories from the Old and New Testament and told as ONE story- THE story, the story of Christ’s rescue mission to save all His creation from brokenness and sin. The conclusions and comparisons drawn within each story are sometimes downright profound but easy enough for little ones to grasp and often leave me a little bit teary eyed. Because that’s what the gospel does- brings us to our knees in awe of God’s love, in terms that babes can understand.

This is from the story of Abraham and Isaac carrying everything up the mountain to make their sacrifice to God: “Many years later, another Son would climb another hill, carrying wood on his back. Like Isaac, he would put his trust in his Father and do what his Father asked. He wouldn’t struggle, or run away. Who was He? God’s Son, his only Son- the Son He loved.”

This book is a re-telling- a paraphrase, and while I think it’s important for our kids to hear the inspired word of God in the Bible, this storybook is a fabulous for building on. Forgiveness is the theme of this book and all the naughty little kids in my house, including me- the biggest and often worst kid, need it every day. Get this book for your kids, grand kids, friends’ kids, nieces and nephews– and then read it with them.

Oh, and by the way– we’re giving one away! Enter below with a comment and share the link! We’ll announce the winner July 16.

If you’re reading this, Rachel– thank you again for introducing this book to us!!!

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