Finger Painting BIG

I have some ideas for making a big statement on a large canvas with only a little talent. I think this would make a terrific kids’ project with a huge canvas and some oil paint. Or maybe just have a little fun yourself and let loose on a canvas.

I would recommend acrylic or oil paint- and some old clothes- and doing it outdoors in nice weather if kids will be involved. Using oil paint instead of cheap kids’ paint will ensure that the painting doesn’t fade over time. You will have a keepsake that you never tire of.

Yolanda Sanchez, for $8000 and up.



What I’ve really wanted to do for a long time is to make a grid on a huge canvas and have guests to my house paint a square in whatever design and color of their choosing. Mine would be a little more exact- like a grid but this is the general idea. Or you could by Suzanne Ulrich‘s for $1000

Or how about some horizontal lines. When you tire of the horizontal, you can go vertical. Kim Uchiyama’s Tonic One for only $1500.

Who has not heard of Jackson Pollock? Out in your yard, back and forth on a swing , brush in hand. Or up above on a chair or ladder swinging that paint all over the canvas.

Convergence Print

Maybe something a little more sedate.






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4 Responses to Finger Painting BIG

  1. Melinda Blyman says:

    I always thought I didn’t have any artistic talent but maybe I was wrong.

  2. Claudilene says:

    this is amazing stuff i think this is an extra achievement keep it up

  3. Terri says:

    You could make a masterpiece, Melinda!

  4. Jim says:

    Use canvas for oil painting. Do not need to prime, I paint directly on canvas. Canvas is very smooth and does not wear down good brushes. Canvases are easy to frame.

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