“Is this going to be a blog post?”

“Is this going to be a blog post?”

“Now why would you suspect that just because I am taking a picture of a rifle on my kitchen counter?

“That case is empty, the one with the rifle was on the other end of the counter and we already put it away.”

“Oh, I stand corrected.”

Rifles on the kitchen counter, Matthias making ant farms out of gelatin… that too on the kitchen counter. Taite is gone for the summer and I am missing her. We would never have allowed such shenanigans but alone against three men, the kitchen is a bit reduced to guy stuff laying around.

The ant farm seemed like a plausible idea but the gelatin was too diluted so that every time an ant stuck its head in the gelatin for a meal; it would get stuck requiring two other ants to rush to the rescue to pull it back out. That got kind of old and pitiful to watch. Now Matt’s on to air soft rifles and bucky balls.


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  1. Shari Keen says:

    Laughing again on this Monday morning. I have 4 grandsons…..I’m skipping telling them about the jello ant farm…..but I’m intrigued by the Bucky Balls……sounds like something to check out.

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