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I mentioned last time that we were selling the first house we bought in DC.  Fear not, there is another project in the works.  The walls and ceilings have already begun to come down, but here are the before pictures.  I’ll update as we go along.

I’m sure our neighbors will appreciate when this house begins to look a little more cared for.

Here we are, standing in the front doorway.  I swear I have thought twice about removing that mechanical chair.

Getting my little Irish twins up and down the stairs is such a breeze with it!  If it’s any indication of how far Tim has come in giving me control of the interior design, when I mentioned it to him, he said “you can do whatever you like.”  I thought he’d be harder to convince.  On the other hand, hauling those two around is what keeps me skinny so I guess I’ll shelve the idea.

If you turn slightly to the left, there is the wide opening to the living room.

The living room  has a fake fireplace which I’d say was charming except that it’s FAKE– that dark space below the mantle is just the wall painted.  Plus, it makes arranging furniture a pain since there are doorways on either wall and windows on the remaining wall… I’m thinking it needs to go.  The opening to the right goes into the dining room- there are pocket doors hidden away between the walls.

The dining room is huge! with a doorway into the kitchen- we plan to knock down this wall and open up the space between these rooms.  We also plan to add a powder room and a closet against the west wall.

Right now the opening to the kitchen is tiny.

There is a cool, original kitchen cabinet built into the wall directly ahead.  To the left is the door leading to the basement- the stairway has to be moved in order to take down the wall, so we plan to rebuild a descending staircase underneath the ascending one at the entry to the house.

Just past the basement stairway on the left is this pantry, which diminishes the overall size of the kitchen considerably.  It has to go too.

With all that space devoted to stairs and pantry, the actual kitchen is not very large.  We plan to change that!

The kitchen- wouldn’t you love to work in this place? I’ve been living in something similar for the past two years and I am over it!

You’re standing in the kitchen, now head back towards the dining room….

Past the pantry, staircase and through the dining room…

…Walk from the dining room into the living room….

Ascend the stairs…

… now turn around and face the front of the house.  You can see the doorways into three of the bedrooms and one leading to the attic.

The smallest bedroom, located over the front door, is this one.  We’ll keep it even though it is small– I figure it will work well as a nursery or study.

The bedroom to the right will be the boys’.  It has two large windows and lots of light.

There’s clearly been some water damage and I’m curious to see what’s under the fake parquet flooring.

The room has one small-ish closet and a door into the next bedroom.  We plan to close off this door and make the space into another closet.

If you walk through that doorway right now before we close it off, you enter the largest bedroom in the house.  The square footprint on the floor was from the king size bed that was in here.  Since this is the middle bedroom and we plan to have a master suite at the back of the house, some of it’s size will have to be sacrificed to make space for the extra bathroom and laundry facilities we need to include in the floor plan.

It will be a loss but the room is unnecessarily large for a guest bedroom (by DC standards! I know it looks small to the rest of you).

Right next door is the only bathroom in the house– obviously this will be completely re-worked.  There are many charming things about an old house.  Disgusting bathrooms and kitchens are not one of them.

If you keep going down the narrow hall past the bathroom you enter the back bedroom which will eventually become the master bedroom.

It’s not a large room but it opens onto the back porch that overlooks the yard and it’s far away from the street noise at the front of the house.

We plan to enlarge the space by a couple feet but the major improvements will be quadrupling the closet space and adding a bathroom.

Now if you go back down the hall and open the door leading to the attic these steep stairs are what you see.

Right now the space is full of boxes, vintage hats and clothes a couple wardrobes, costume jewelry, a birdcage, an old tv, and many many other things.

It doesn’t look like much now, but I envision maybe having a couch with a fold-out bed for extra guest capacity and a tv up here at some point– a family room of sorts where it doesn’t matter if the toys get picked up each day.

And best of all, some storage space at the back where the ceiling gets really low so that out of season clothes, snow boards, suitcases and christmas decorations don’t have to live under my bed.

Now alternately, if you take that staircase from the kitchen down into the basement… and are careful not to break your ankle on the rotten bottom step…

… you’ll enter a completly unfinished space just begging to be used. This is looking towards the front of the house.

And this is looking towards the back.

If you keep walking back and under the staircase, this is what you see.

There is currently a bathroom down here and a wash sink

Although I doubt you’d want to use them.

Now the last thing to see is the back yard and back of the house.

It’s a remarkably deep yard by Hill standards.

And even has a “two car” garage (if you drive a horse and carriage).

I’ve spent hours working out the floor plan for the house- wanting to keep the historical beauty intact while also making it more functional for modern living.  Keep checking in for updates!






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11 Responses to Something New

  1. becky fleeson says:

    oh how i love it,neighbor! we’ll try to walk by soon and see if y’all are working on it to get a first hand picture! Can’t wait to see the beauty you envision here!

  2. Lauren McMurray says:

    This looks like an amazing project! I excited to see how ya’ll progress!

  3. Taite says:

    So when the house is all finished, how many bedrooms will there be?
    You did a great job with the ‘picture’ tour!

  4. Erin says:

    There will be a total of 4 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and another 2 in the basement.

  5. Tammy says:

    All those forgotten items – you have a garage sale in the making!
    Have fun with this project, I know it will be a gem when it is finished!

  6. Erin says:

    Erin please be my decorator! After your last post and this one I cannot wait to see how this house ends up.

  7. Pops says:

    Amazing potential. I know you will create a masterpiece! Look forward to the transformation

  8. Michelle Young says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys do.

  9. Beth says:

    It’s going to be fun watching the transition into a masterpiece!

  10. Sarah says:

    So much potential. Love it!

  11. Andréa says:

    i have never heard anything like this before, it is beautiful. best of luck with your posts.

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