Summer Reading Light and Not so Light

The Red Chamber

If you liked Memoirs of a Geisha, you might want to consider this book coming out July 13th.

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Yes, Chef: A Memoir

I like books about chefs, about cooking, about food, about drink… you get the idea.

Born in Ethiopia, Marcus Samuelsson’s birth mother dies and leaves him and his sister orphans. They are adopted by a Swedish couple who would like a son. The orphanage informs the couple that his sister comes too.

Marcus Samuelsson is the renowned New York chef of his own restaurant, Red Rooster.  This is his story.

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This might interest you as well… KIDDING! Andrew thought it was fascinating but well, it’s not. Perhaps informative, but not like an edge of your seat sort of book. I mean you can buy it if you want but if you are interested in the nuclear world and would like to read something a little more scintillating; you might consider this:

While not exactly light reading, this book written in 1979, makes the nuclear world a little more human. Leona Marshall Libby was the youngest and only woman of an amazing team of scientists who developed the nuclear reactor. When Leona arrived in Washington state to work at the uranium plant she was asked what the team of all men could do to make her comfortable. She responded that she’d like her own bathroom. She got it.

My review

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