My Rambling Beige


I think it’s finally all together. And it is definitely beige, definitely.

You remember my sofa? It had that big old hole in it that I repaired because I had nothing to lose trying. It's still holding up.

Mostly rambling beige; okay it is most definitely rambling beige but as my son-in-law pointed out, I do have a pink peonies in a turquoise vase- that’s color.

At our white elephant party someone brought round rocks. I knew the second someone else opened those rocks that they would be mine by the end of the night.

I was told I needed some plant life. Well, it's not alive but it's green.















Andrew said, "NO, no, no," he did not want a coffee table to clutter up the room. Okay, I'll buy one then and just slip it in. Taite spotted this one at the second-hand store and I first rejected it because, well, because it was from the second-hand store. The next day I went back and bought it. "See," Taite said, "I was right." She was.

I'm pretty crazy about birds and those round rocks kind of remind me of eggs.

And a lovely glass bird too.














I got all this mercury glass for Christmas and then just didn't want to put it away.


The last little touch was to hang all the paintings that I can't stop buying, gallery style down the wall. I left room on each end so I can add just a few more...

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