Line-dried laundry

It snowed on Saturday. Today it is 70 degrees and life is sunny. My newest favorite thing on is to line dry my laundry on days like this. I put up  a clothesline, bought wooden clothes pins, and got to work on the mountain of dirty clothes today. I love any excuse to be outside so the hike from the basement to side yard with baskets of wet things is worth it. And a tautly hung dress shirt will need almost no ironing when it comes off the line all crisp and fresh.

Also, I had this idea that I was saving us tons and tons of money per month by not using my  dryer. Yeah– Not true. I was sadly disillusioned when I calculated the cost on this fascinating little website and figured I save at most a whopping $12 a month. But I’m not to be thwarted — the sunshine, fresh outdoor smell on towels and sheets, and a good arm workout will keep me stringing my laundry up all summer. Until it snows again next week, that is.



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8 Responses to Line-dried laundry

  1. avatar Charlotte says:

    It totally depends on your dryer. Is it new? I had an old one and saved $40 on my electric bill during the month I was searching for a new one. Besides, have you ever smelled anything more wonderful than line-dried sheets and pillow cases?

  2. avatar Terri says:

    I love the look of laundry on a line.

  3. avatar Marge says:

    As a child I loved laundry day – running around the things hanging (especially the sheets), but most of all the smell and feel of the sheets that night when I crawled into bed.

  4. avatar DHammerstrom says:

    Great opening shot and nice post. I love air-dried sheets, sometimes clothes, but not terry-cloth towels. Give me the tumble dry on those. Got your Saturday snow in Colorado yesterday.

  5. avatar Caitlin says:

    I know what you mean about the towels– talk about post-shower exfoliation! But Zac loves them.
    And Charlotte, I was really hoping someone would tell me that they had tested it out and I was probably saving a lot more money than I know, so thanks :)

  6. avatar Melinda Blyman says:

    I line dry almost all the time except when it is really cold. I love everything about it, even the towels which aren’t too bad if you have a good stiff breeze. My favorite line drying time was when my son was a baby. There was nothing better than looking out my window and seeing all those diapers and tiny clothes flapping in the breeze.

  7. avatar Janice Georgiades says:

    I absolutely agree with what you said within this post. Thanks for the helpful info.

  8. avatar DHammerstrom says:

    Caitlin, My daughter Lauren’s entry into the Clothes Pin Hall of Fame.

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