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A few new and varied books.

Uncorked¬† Marco Pasanella decides¬† to buy a monster building in Manhattan and start a wine shop, without any knowledge of how to do it. My review. Go ahead buy the book. I handed my copy off to Andrew and he enjoyed it. (I’m kinda bothered by the cover art though- it looks a bit like a moose head on a suit at first glance, but no, it’s a cork exploding from a champagne bottle.)

Uncorked: My Journey Through the Crazy World of Wine


My Afghanistan is an engaging story of an American couple who travel to Afghanistan fresh out of college ready to teach. This is before the Taliban- before Americans had to fear for their lives in Afghanistan right after World War II. In this far away exotic country as school teachers, Jean and her husband, Walt, live like royalty. They have servants to set out their clothes in the morning, make them three meals a day, launder their clothing, attend to callers, keep their home immaculate, and if Jean or Walt might want a cup of tea before bedtime, there is a servant available to make it.

Cost of living is so cheap that tailored clothing, trips to tourist sites and neighboring countries is attainable for very little.

My Afghanistan: Before the Taliban

One more off the beaten track- I Serve by Rosanne Lortz. I downloaded the first chapter on my Kindle… and then got hooked. But if you don’t have a Kindle you can buy a good solid real copy. Set in the time of the Hundred Year’s War this tale has it all intrigue, love, war, and politics. You can download it for $2.99 on your Kindle.

I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince

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  1. Shari says:

    thanks , Terri…….Uncorked sounds like a great Father’s Day gift.

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