Stick Horse Tutorial

So I said a few weeks ago that if Valiant’s birthday gift turned out I would do a little tutorial, and here it is!

Remember this?

Here’s the list of what you need:

* Fabric (1/2 yd or less) for the head

* Scraps of fabric for ears (same or complimentary pattern)

* 1/2 skein yarn (I used bulky wool yarn by Manos de Uruguay)

* Ribbon for a bridle

* String for tying the head to a stick

* Broom stick

* Stuffing

* Leather (optional)

* 4 buttons


Fold the fabric over once and cut your horse head out so you end up with two pieces– free-hand this is the shape I came up with.

Loop the yarn back and forth till you have the amount you need for a mane, then sew it down the middle and cut it

Sew the “mane” into your horse head with right sides together, turn the head inside out when finished and stuff just the nose section with stuffing.

Next take your broom stick (cut to whatever length you choose and wrap stuffing around the top taping it in place so you essentially have a giant Q-tip.

Make sure it is bulky enough that no hard wood is exposed (so your child can’t impale himself on it!)

Put the head on over the “Q-tip” and pack more stuffing around it so that the head is fully stuffed.

Wrap string around the base of the head securing it to the stick.

If you’d like to make it look really finished you can glue a piece of leather over the string (I used a glue gun).

Cut out 4 pieces of fabric for ears and sew them, right sides together so that you have 2 ears with finished edges.

Hand-sew the ears in place.

Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the horse’s nose and another to attach and go behind the ears to create a bridle. Sew in place by hand.  Attach a rein to the bridle.

Lastly sew your eyes in place.  I used two wooden buttons per eye.

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12 comments to Stick Horse Tutorial

  • Julie!

    This is adorable Erin!

  • Erin, I am so impressed. That stick horse is a work of art!!

  • Oh wow, this looks perfect for Freyja’s 4th birthday next month. Of course, then her sidekick will need too. . . I’ll be calling you for pointers.

  • How cute. I like your mane better than mine.

  • Melinda Blyman

    Sounds like everyone is going to be riding a “cock-horse to Banbury Cross”. My stick horse was not as fine as Valiant’s, but I remember it well and I spent many an hour galloping away. I know he is enjoying it.

  • Shari

    Absolutely adorable……and it’s my favorite green. sewing machines make me say unbecoming things but……..I’m wanting to tackle this for my great niece and nephew. Do I dare? Hmmmm.

  • I dare you, Shari!!

  • Michelle Young

    LOVE it!

  • J-rat

    I was hoping to see some pictures of Valiant using his new horse! say ho to him and Atlas for me :)

  • Cindy Barley

    That stick horse turned out beautifully, Erin. Love your creative gifts. They bless so many who come in contact with you. My apron, that you made me, hangs in my kitchen like a piece of art work.

  • Faye

    I really like your stick horse and want to make one for my granddaughter for her birthday. I’m one of those people that needs a pattern, so all the help you can give me I appreciate it. Maybe some dimensions would help. Thanks for your time. Faye (

  • Kandra Plott

    Hi! I love this tutorial and thank you so much for sharing. I don’t even know if this will even get to you, but i was wanting to make some for my kids this Christmas for our homemade Christmas. Do you by chance remember what the dimensions for the horses head was. Thank you and great job!!

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