Still Going Strong

If you read this, you know Andrew and I have done the trial and error method of life.

If you read this, you will know we had a shaky, wobbly beginning.

This seemingly precarious union has lasted

thirty-two years today!

I’d like to say something profound here, give the ‘in a nutshell’ way to a perfect union. But the profoundness comes from a faithful Savior who knew us and claimed our marriage as His long before we knew better. Who could have looked down through the decades and known that we would still love one another- more than before, more every day? Who could have known that the trials that some thought could shake us, ruin us instead strengthened us? Who could have known the laughter, the joy that would come because of His faithfulness in our little faith? We are blessed.

A few- a very few anniversaries have included just Andrew and me at a fine restaurant. I was looking over the years in my album and saw that our first anniversary was celebrated in Framingham, Massachusetts. It was a whopper of a celebration- Andrew, me and Meghan at the International House of Pancakes- for dinner! Yum. Can only go up from there, right?

I think we just might take the kids with us to celebrate tonight. I’m kinda hooked on Thai food right now and there is a place that does killer Thai.

We met half way- Andrew from California and me from Massachusetts. Smack in the middle of the country.

In the smack middle of the state that's smack middle in the country. RICE county, for Pete's sake!


A good marriage hangs on a promise– still hanging.


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