Happy Birthday Valiant!


My good friend Alison: giving Valiant the childhood his mother never will.  Thanks for making it a REAL birthday!

(cake, photos, good cheer and reminder text that it was V’s Birthday, courtesy Alison)

For a little video interview with the birthday boy, go here.

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10 Responses to Happy Birthday Valiant!

  1. avatar Terri says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Valiant! Already a big two year old!!

    Alison– Well, I just love her. And she takes amazing photos.

  2. Q: What’s your favorite thing in the world?
    A: ATLAS!

    Loved that enthusiastic answer.

    You could still reach your toes to paint them on the last day of your pregnancy? That’s impressive, I must say.

  3. avatar Alison says:

    Who is that crazy lady in the last photo with Atlas?!

  4. avatar Cindy Barley says:

    Crazy is not the word to describe you, Alison, rather I’d say, a

    loyal and faithful friend who is soooo fun and enthusiastic to be around. Your creativity is a gift and an encouragement to all who know you.

    By the way, Valiant, we hope to celebrate with you, a belated birthday, next Sat. April 14th on our way home. Mommy and Daddy can go out for the evening and we will play together.

  5. avatar Meghan says:

    Happy birthday, Valiant! The kids loved your video and Fox got a real kick out of you new horse’s name.

  6. avatar Beth says:

    Happy Birthday Valiant!

  7. avatar Shari Keen says:

    Everybody needs a friend like Alison…..usually only one like that to a customer. So many talented photographers on this site……I love Atlas’s one shoe look. Happy Birthday, Valiant!!!

  8. avatar Caitlin says:

    Freyja watched this video 3 times this morning, and then Jude woke up and they had to do it all over again. “Oh that is SO. COOL. Mom, Valiant got a worm cake.”

  9. avatar Kari says:

    Happy Birthday Valiant! That video is so precious. Thanks for sharing!

  10. avatar Annie says:

    Oh my gosh… LOVE the dialog- hilarious.

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