Dining Table in Need of Chairs

This has been a week of illness. Meghan’s entire family was down for the count so we took them soup and bread. The three boys looked like they could move around again so that day we loaded Fox’s car seat into my car and I took them home for the afternoon.

Last night Taite, Matt and I fell, me not so bad as the two of them. I downloaded books for their ipods- Moll Flanders for Taite and Johnny Tremain for Matt.

It is a curious thing but for the past three years I have been hoping Taite would be able to do some Irish dance at the annual Desert Thistle Pipe Band Concert and every year she has been thwarted. This year at long last it was going to happen. Taite and her friend, Madi would be doing all the Irish dancing, Matt would be playing snare drum in the band with Jarrett on his pipes- a regular family affair. I am really hoping they will be well in time.

I have been up but not feeling so great so it’s been a good time to surf around looking for chairs on the internet because my dining table has arrived! This is what I went with.

Thing is I would like chairs that aren't upholstered if possible.

I have been pinning away on pinterest. I tried the black barrel chairs I have with it and they are too barrel-y. I want to get away from upholstery so that the dining experience is kid friendly. Help! any links, photos, ideas?

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6 Responses to Dining Table in Need of Chairs

  1. Shari Keen says:

    You mean thats your table?? Wow…I love that. I would like black with it…but maybe something with higher backs than the barrel chairs.

  2. Leah Leaman says:

    Amazing. Seriously I think it’s the most beautiful table I have ever seen!!! I do always love the one side of a table being a bench…gives way for always squeezing in one more too. Although I would want a chair with a soft cushion for me…

  3. Terri says:

    Leah, that is kinda what Meghan and I were wondering- EXACTLY! I love the idea of a bench for getting one more small person to the table. And Andrew liked the idea of soft upholstered chairs for each end.

  4. Melinda Blyman says:

    With the way your family is growing I would definitely go with a bench on one side or even both with cushioned chairs on either end. A deacon’s bench would be good but could cut down on squeezing in that extra person because of the arms. Great table by the way. I wish I lived closer if you are going to sell your captain’s chairs because I love them, but I agree with you about being too barrelly,if for no other reason they take up more space then some other types of chairs.

  5. Cindy Barley says:

    LOVE THE TABLE!!!!!!!!! Great Choice, Terri.

  6. Terri says:

    Thank you! Now help me figure out the chairs. I have some on my pinterest board but nothing pinned down yet.

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