Dining Table

I had this crazy idea three weeks ago to sell my dining room furniture. I wanted something different; something that went more with the current house. On a whim I had Taite take some pictures, and I listed the table and chairs on Craigslist. I figured I would not buy a replacement until they sold and that way wouldn’t risk having to haul the old out to the garage when the new came.

Lovely yes, and it fit Andrew's 6'6" frame perfectly, but when I tucked in; well let's just say it was very easy to simply shovel food straight into my mouth.

The off-white upholstery had been through a lot; I would have to recover or sell. Sell.


So we took a trip to Spokane to look at antiques. That morning I said to Andrew, “I just don’t want any Duncan Phyfe stuff.” Nothing against Duncan Phyfe it’s beautiful furniture, it’s just not the right look for my house. This was the trip wherein we paused to rescue a flag… and I lost my sunglasses… and the furniture owner lifted a $40,000 elaborately carved frame held up by a pedestal and the bottom piece fell to the floor and broke (we quietly slipped away and left him to grieve). This was that trip.  When we drove all that way and walked into his cavernous warehouse and he asked us what we were looking for and we told him and he said, “I’ve got a lovely Duncan Phyfe table.” Andrew knew, “Do not make eye contact with my wife.” We arrived home empty handed.

Here we are all empty, the highchair reminding people not to walk into the room and smash into the light. It could happen.

That trip gave me the confidence I needed to go straight home, get on-line and order something without touching it. My last table and chairs combo was enough though to make me wait until the table arrives to order chairs- no more shrunken me at the dining room table looking up at the food like a toddler without a booster seat. I will show you the new table when it arrives in March. Until then, we will be eating on stools in the kitchen.


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