Come to Where the Flavor Is…

I picked up a 1969 copy of Time and Life magazine and was bowled over by the advertisements.  I didn’t realize how brainwashed I’d become to recoil at the site of a cigarette ad or an alcohol ad, never even mind being told to go ahead and eat WHITE sugar.  Criminy!

Anyone remember when smoking meant men were fit and outdoorsy sort of man's man?

Men who smoked were good looking and faithful to their wives- the wedding band says it all, never mind that come hither look in his eyes.

The audacity! A big old pack of cigarettes!

Alcohol in a magazine, just seems weird.

Maybe this one should be brought back, an ad trying to convince you that white sugar is okay, really.

Wowsah! Reliable and Sexy all in one. And take a look at the price!

Yes, children, it's true; people used to be treated like human beings when they flew.

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