Felted Soap


Here’s a great project for any time of the year, for adults or kids. My mother-in-law has been making gorgeous soap for a while now and came across the idea of felting soap. Basically you are creating a washcloth around your bar of soap that will shrink around the bar until it is all used up. I showed everyone how to do it at Christmas and Meghan captured it all in beautiful photos, as is her way. You can get creative with fun colors and designs and I love that this craft is useful (not to mention kind of addictive once you do a few.)

Here’s what you need:

A bar of good quality soap – doesn’t matter what shape

Roving wool (this is where we found gorgeous colors for cheap)

A nylon sock

A washboard-like surface (we used bamboo place mats, but any finely ridged surface works)

Hot water

Felting Needles (You don’t have to do this part, but I think it’s the most fun.)

First select some colors of roving wool (you can use multiple ones) and wrap tightly around your bar of soap. Cover all the bar.


It won't look perfect, but try to go for an even, thick layer that doesn't leave any corners exposed.

Carefully place the wrapped soap into your nylon sock.

Get the whole thing soaking wet with hot water and scrub every side of the bar on your mat. Check the progress of the felting by pulling off the sock, and if the felt is not holding together yet, keep going.


To add a design like the little Christmas tree above, simply shape a rough shape out of wool and place on the still wet bar of soap. Prick and poke into shape until it is completely adhered to the bar. You can layer your design, like I did with the little white dots on the tree.

Let your creations dry out for a good day or so, the fibers will shrink and look even better once they are dry. To use, simply wet the bar in the tub and scrub away! Perfect for kid's dirty feet in the summer!


My mom-in-law and I just did a little batch of Valentine soaps with hearts in red white and pink. Get inspired (or just cheat and buy some, we won’t tell) by these super cute designs on etsy. I love this bird one.


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    I love this, Caitlin…..finally you are making some soap that I “get”……CUTE SOAP!!!

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    hehe great ! I like this article :)

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