Drinking and driving?


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7 Responses to Fall!

  1. avatar Terri says:

    Really cute! I love Valiant’s wheels!

  2. avatar Beth says:

    love, love, love the pictures.

  3. avatar Cindy Barley says:

    These are an absolute treasure!!! Looks like the boys are trapped on a tennis court with nothing to do but ‘duke it out’ in the brilliant autumn leaves, while papa and mama play a few rounds.

    Two fingers in the mouth, a new twist for Atlas.

  4. avatar Caitlin says:

    Love Valiant’s fashion styling, where did you find those tiny jeans??

  5. avatar Meghan says:

    Oh, my goodness! Really cute and who does Atlas look like?

  6. avatar Chesed says:

    Atlas looks like a Bad A sitting backwards in that swing.

  7. avatar Courtney says:

    Erin, Valiant and Atlas are so beautiful. You and Tim must be very proud. I miss the autumn leaves in the States x

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