Your Trash, My Treasure

I love the idea of going into a store and having absolutely no idea what will be for sale.  The only place that can happen is at a second-hand store.   I love a good treasure hunt and finding the unusual bit, so I occasionally make a peruse through one.  The real trick though, is being willing to go home empty handed.  I do not want a bunch of worthless great deals piling up in my house.  An all-time favorite find was a blue and white Wedgwood vase in perfect condition for fifty cents.  Purchase!

I am sure there's a mythical story to go with this cherub.


This sweet pheasant was telling me it wanted to be a part of my fall decor. Well then, you come right on home with me. (Painting in the background by Meghan)

My grandkids have a drawer in my kitchen that they can reach to get cups for a drink. I added to my collection which was sorely depleted.

We're not talking just any cup, we're talking made in Italy, vintage aluminum, thank you very much. 25 cents each

Also found but not available for photo, is a two man rubber raft.  We thought it might be fun for our day trips to the river but in the meantime it is floating about in our neighbor’s pool.

What was your all-time amazing find?

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2 Responses to Your Trash, My Treasure

  1. ken says:

    I am coveting those cups.

  2. Caitlin says:

    This week: two brand new pairs of rubber boots for Freyja and Jude! Just their size and 75 cents total.

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