Reupholstering a Chair- Ditto

Look familiar!?  Three thousand miles apart and Erin and I  pick the same chair, same fabric.  The teensy weensiest little difference is that Erin did the job during Valiant’s  nap while nine months pregnant with Atlas.  I, on the other hand, took four months and enslaved neighborhood boys to help me.

I opted for glossy black

It took a lot of coats of paint to get the glossy look I was going for.  In the end I think it was four coats.

Mine had foam instead of batting but it was crumbling away. I bought new foam to put on top but left the old because it had the right shape.

Originally, my chair had upholstered arm rests but Meghan suggested just painting the arm for a sleeker look.  My thought was, the less I have to reupholster the the better for me.

Waiting for a new staple gun that will penetrate this hard wood.

Okay, Erin has waaaaaay more upper body strength than I do even when she’s  nine months pregnant!!   I had to have help from my dear husband to get the staples in without them going all wobbly.  so here it sits semi-stapled waiting for the big guns.

I was quite relieved to discover that Andrew could not get our staple gun to staple into the wood either.  I was not the weak link!  We needed more power.

We ended up buying a new staple gun.  But I figure it will pay for itself by the time I reupholster two of the chairs shown here, all eight dining room chairs, and a bench.  Well, actually, truth be told, I am tired of my dining set and am secretly thinking of selling it.  I’ll wait ’til we get this chair done to spring the sale idea on Andrew.  He just might be ready by then.

I do not care what Erin may try to tell you, reupholstering is not, NOT, for the faint hearted.

I absolutely recommend looking for an upholsterer and paying him/her the money they deserve to get this sort of thing done.  I have the those tiny brass nails left to hammer in, about ten thousand of them.  No, really, I will…

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  1. I need an upholsterer. Can you give me a name in Tri Cities?!

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