At LONG Last!

I promised pictures of our renovated (ok, that is kind of an overstatement – really we just repainted and cleaned, but it’s amazing the difference that can make!) apartment.  We had to force ourselves to stop making changes so as to avoid this mistake…

My style right now is sort of forced eclectic – I am living with a mishmash of furniture and decor collected over the last couple years of moving around – but I don’t mind for now because pretty much all my things have some sort of story!  Someday I will grow up, own a real house and have Meghan, Caitlin and Erin decorate it for me.

I like that the kitchen is so close and open to the dining/living room - in our last place you were totally secluded if you were in the kitchen - bad for entertaining!




My kitchen is in a constant state of messy - but the productive kind of messy that I am actually just fine with. Jason claims that the window from the front door to the kitchen is so that the woman never has to leave the kitchen even when guests arrive... he is such a charmer.


I love built-in cabinets!

The fireplace is functional - that is a plus except that that means there is a permanent black smut all over the brick. Ah well, once again that is productive messy I guess.

The bathroom is definitely a lot better but does anyone have good tips for removing rust stains? They are definitely not going to leave their home in the sink without a fight.






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9 comments to At LONG Last!

  • I love how Anthro your house looks, it makes me miss the days of apartment living. And I think the purple-gray you did in the bathroom is just perfect, what is the paint name/brand? Oh, and good riddance to the roaming cowboys.

  • Beth

    A pumice stone is good at removing build up on porcelain. I use it to remove
    lime build up. I don’t know about rust though.

  • Sarah

    Super cute!
    I love the table you have as your work space in the kitchen.

  • Wendy

    Cute, Aileen! Try Iron Out on the rust. Be careful not to breath in the powder. It’s pretty nasty smelling, but it works:-)

  • Corinne Reagan

    Hi there,

    I’m loving the Pink Peppers Blog! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and recipes.

    I’ll weigh in on the rust stains: a product called Zud that is practically miraculous. It comes in a can like Comet, but is much more effective, and is safe to use on old porcelain, etc. We have extremely high amounts of iron in our water and it makes everything sparkly white again. You might have to check at a building supply store since I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the grocery.


  • Thanks for all the replies! I will try out some of these products and see if they work!

  • Taite

    I have always loved your kitchen floor.

  • Carla@JBV

    You can find Bar Keepers Friend at the grocery, probably where you find the Comet cleanser. My Ace Hardware has it too. It’s made to not scratch stainless, etc. I have used it on old grotty sinks, claw foot tubs (it’s great for the black scuff marks you get in the tub), chrome table legs. I love the stuff! I might have to find some of that Zud and give it a try.
    Your apartment looks great! Love the art work, it adds some whimsy and character!

    Carla, from Enterprise :)

  • Charlotte Cline

    Hey, wet the surface (be sure the water isn’t still dripping) put a good thick layer of Bar Keepers’ Friend on it and wait – hours or overnight. It should be gone. Getting grout clean works well with a paste of any cleanser with bleach and with rubber gloves, smear it all over the grout. Good luck. Your house is so cute!

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