Knitted Nesting Boxes

Some friends and I started a knitting group this winter and this was our first project. We wanted to start with something quick and easy. Easy it was. Quick it wasn’t. But we still had a lot of fun getting together once a week to chat, chase our kids, snack, and knit an average of 4 stiches. At least I had the dealine of Erin’s due date to motivate me and I proudly shipped these off the other week  to the newest and yet unborn member of the family.

Basically this is what you do:

1) knit 5 squares the size you would like each box to be

2) line squares with plastic mesh by tacking down in a few places (on the large one I doubled up the mesh for more support)

3) sew 4 squares together with yarn and needle so they look like this:

4) Now you are going to line your stip of knitted squares with some adorable fabric (cut it and iron down 1/4″  border to fit the knitted stip) like so:

5) And sew it into place like this:

6) Do this for 4 different sized boxes so they look like this when finished:

And if all this sounds totally off the mark and utterly unhelpful (remember, cut me some slack, this is my first knitting project, that is, if you don’t count the 3 mile scarf I made for my Dad for Christmas when I was 14) anyways, if you need better directions get this super cute book: Itty Bitty Toys. It has so many adorable animals in it, and if anyone makes the little reversible egg to bluebird and nest I want to see it! Send me a picture.

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2 Responses to Knitted Nesting Boxes

  1. cindybarley says:

    Caitlin, We went to visit Tim, Erin, and Valiant last weekend and what a beautiful gift, for soon-to-arrive baby, sat beautifully displayed on the living room table. They are adorable!! The fabric lining of each block had such cheerful designs. I was amazed to learn that you had knitted these nesting blocks. Valiant was also inspecting your gift as well as playing with the colorful tissue paper which came directly from your shipping box.

  2. Erin says:

    …And so far the poor little guy has not really been allowed to play with the boxes himself… limited to the tissue paper I’m afraid. I figured baby #2 deserves to get at least one thing that is not a hand-me-down.
    As the happy recipient of this gift I can say they are amazing! I was in awe of the work that had to go into knitting and hand stitching them. Truly an act of love. Thank you!!

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