Am I Missing Something?

It’s summer and I am seeing the same thing I saw last year, bra straps and camisole straps.  When did it become ok to have those straps hanging out?  Once upon a time ladies attempted to keep that bit of underwear hidden.  Serious effort was given to not show underwear lines through your pants and definitely no polka dotted or zebra print underwear with white pants.  Never.   It’d show through.  Even bras were carefully, meticulously hidden even under a tank top.  Not now.

This is seriously tacky looking.

It seems like it’s a fashion statement now to be, “Look I wear a bra, please notice, and please also note, it is almost the same color as my dress; see, pink dress, pink bra, cute, huh?”  The straps just hang out there like it looks good.  If you have a spaghetti strap dress, please, I really don’t want to see your bra straps too.  Really.  Maybe it is time to invest in a strapless bra so you can wear that cute little spaghetti strap dress and look classy all at the same time.

There was a time when women would go to some measure to hide their bras.  If you had a racer back style shirt, you could buy a clip to pull the straps together to hide the bra.  You could buy transparent straps to attempt to conceal your bra.  you could…

Am I missing something?  Is it now considered attractive?  I mean, it could be.  Heaven knows I have really slipped on knowing the current fads and styles, and, well, you did see My What Not to Wear humiliation.  So, it definitely could just be me.  But, I think it looks tacky and cheap.

I am really hoping it is a fashion faux pas.  Here are some gadgets and devices to keep those bra straps under cover.  Please, am I the only one?



Happy, happy!

Hollywood Fashion Tape


New Strap Perfect 30pc Ultimate Bra Strap Solution Set Bra Concealing Clips Gift Boxed

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4 comments to Am I Missing Something?

  • Shari Keen

    Terri…….well I’m glad someone else doesn’t “get it” either……and its probably not just an “old” thing…..I seriously doubt any of your daughters run around with their bra straps hanging out. My sister has an expression…..”some people must not own mirrors”.

  • You knew I would agree with you on this one.

  • Melinda Blyman

    Back in the 60′s and 70′s you didn’t see bra straps because they weren’t wearing bras. What gets me is that these girls today would never think of going braless (a good thing), but think it is perfectly acceptable to have their straps hanging out all over the place (a not so good thing). Go figure.

  • bethie

    I agree. What’s wrong with a strapless bra?

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