We have been loving  tennis.  It is the perfect sport for a family with a wide age range.  And the cost to start is so cheap. (And let me plug one of our rackets that I especially like.)

Yesterday we met up with a total of about twenty people for a day of tennis.  We managed to snag two courts in spite of the amazing weather.

I had warned Andrew ahead of time that the day would be about tennis, not food.  It was killing him, I knew he’d want to grill something up but I held firm.  We took ham and cheese sandwiches to eat and hit the courts mixing and matching players.  After four hours, everyone had played out.  And Andrew hadn’t grilled a thing.

We went home sat out back and continued to enjoy the still amazing weather.  Then our neighbors popped in and Andrew said something like, “Hi guys, guess what; I haven’t been able to grill anything all day.”  Our neighbor ran back home and grabbed a lovely steak from the freezer.    What do you know?  Andrew was able to grill after all.  He was so thrilled.  He love, love, loves to season food, he loves to think about how he will season food, how he will cook it, what he will serve with it wine-wise.  It is his hobby.  Which reminds me of Mother’s Day when he asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I said I wanted him to make me lunch.

“And, that would be different from every other day how?”  He had a point.

So, the day was just beautiful in every way.

Today we are back to rain.

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3 Responses to Tennis

  1. Renee Woods says:

    Yes and you knew that by asking him for lunch for your birthday that you would get the treat of your life from the maestro!!

    I love your family hospitality trademark. I have tried to do that myself with my family, but circumstances now prevent. It is a pleasure to sit back and enjoy the hospitality of people who genuinely love to share it.

  2. Elijah says:

    I love to play tennis! Haven’t gotten out to play yet this year but will have to soon. Next time I’m in town I’ll have to play with you guys.

  3. Terri says:

    Elijah, some of us (Andrew and Jarrett) would be a challenge for you and some of us (me) would be a gentle warm up.

    Renee, Thank you so much!

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