Spring Hats

This week I got on a hat kick. Or maybe it was a hat frenzy. It was brought about, first of all, because in over three months I hadn’t held an article of attire in my hands, considering buying it, feeling it, checking the price tag, trying it on and I felt starved for the experience. So my sister-in-law, friend and I paid a visit to Carla at Jinglebob’s and begged her to let us in. She isn’t open during the winter months (oh wait, is it spring now? I hadn’t noticed due to the fact that I can’t see out my windows for the blizzards) but  we knocked on her door and asked if she could please come out and unlock the shop so we could just look and feel things and maybe,  she might possibly have a hat or two suitable for an Easter Sunday outfit . She did.

Nothing like the inside details of vintage pieces.


This one needs a little cleaning up but I still love it.

Is the brim supposed to be ripply?

I said it was a hat “frenzy” and I meant it. Lo and behold, I saw this old Effanem wool cloche hat at my 25cent store and brought it home. Who buys three hats in one week??? I don’t even have any experience in wearing hats. But I keep reminding myself of what Mimi says: “Wear a hat or wear hair, not both!” By which she means, tuck your hair behind your ears, and out of your face so you don’t look buried in head decor. We’ll see if I can figure it out.

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6 Responses to Spring Hats

  1. Shari Keen says:

    Absolutely…I knew you were quoting Aunt Ethel (Mimi)……she’s been telling us all that for years…get that hair back and out of the way. And if you doubt it….check out how “well” she wears a hat. Caitlin….you’ll look great “in your Easter bonnet…with or without frills upon it”.

  2. Cindy Barley says:

    Shari, you will most certainly be wearing a frilly bonnet on this special
    Easter morning. God has showered your life with good news. Kick up your heels and put on your hat.

  3. I think the brim was supposed to be frilly. If it isn’t what a wonderful deformity. I love it. I am only sad I can’t see it on you come Easter morn:-(

  4. PS Mimi also says wear it above the brow and not back at the hairline!

  5. Shari Keen says:

    All Mimi’s “students” are chiming in…..

  6. Meghan says:

    I love the pictures. Really pretty colors.

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