New Apartment!

In an effort to slim down our flabby budget Jason and I recently moved to a cheaper apartment.  It’s an old triplex complete with hardwood floors, a fireplace and tall ceilings but it was in desperate need of some TLC.  When our wonderful landlord offered to pay us for our labor as well as the supplies we signed the lease as fast as we could, bought a large box of latex gloves and got to work.  Here is just a sampling of the before pictures, more soon as we transform our new little home!


Old bathrooms are always scary and this one definitely needed scrubbing, patching up and a lot of paint - as well as a new TP holder, if you'll notice it is hovering a mere couple inches off the ground...

From what I could tell the last few tenants deep fried EVERYTHING because there was about 1/2" of grease on all kitchen surfaces. Do notice the cute retro wallpaper on the one wall - we kept that!


We have cowboys roaming the perimeter of our living room - definitely going!


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