Just Say No to Looking Like an American in Europe

A long time ago when I was in Europe, all the women there were wearing beautiful scarves.  In fact you could easily spot the American tourist for her lack of scarf.  That and the sneakers.

Here we are years later and scarves have caught on big time here.

Andrew bought me this one at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  There are an assortment of people who set up their wares for a few days every month and on any given day you just don’t know who will be selling what.  One day it might be leather purses, another day hand knit animal themed baby hats , and yet another day hand crafted jewelry.  It is a delight to go up there in a spare minute just for the splash of color.

I am glad we were there on the scarf day.  I think scarves are terrific in winter but also for that transition to the early spring temperatures.

And if you ever head to Europe, nix the sneakers but take the scarf.

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2 Responses to Just Say No to Looking Like an American in Europe

  1. Caitlin says:

    My new favorite thing is to add a big fabric flower to the neck of the scarf for even more color.

  2. LuAnne says:

    This makes me feel much better about the 13 new scarves I bought at street markets in France last month. I did my best to look European! They’re such a smart accessory….adding a punch of color…..and also warmth.

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