Decoupage Door Hangers

 These wooden door hangers sat in my basement for a few months while I wondered what I would do with them. All I could envision was geese, and forest green bows, and other horrible things that smell of the word “crafts”. But then I walked into my nearby home decore shop and saw these darling ones with all that pink whimsical stuff I’m so into. So, I pulled out the old ZoZo the Magic Queen calendar and started chopping it to bits like I promised I’d do.

I think it would be so cute to make a “Baby sleeping” door hanger with a cutout of the baby’s sleeping face on the front. I wanted one for my bathroom and one for Freyja’s room. This is what resulted. (I was a little disappointed that I had a grand total of about 22 minutes to complete the whole thing. I just sort of rushed through it since I could already hear crying.  The kids have been little leaches lately, draining me of energy- they both want to be held at all times, and will hardly nap! Creativity may have to go on hold for a while. . . . )

I used Aleene's Tacky Glue, and I thought of you, Aileen.

Get clipping

Stamp letters for the wording.

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5 Responses to Decoupage Door Hangers

  1. Michelle Young says:

    Those are super cute, Caitlin.

  2. You are sooooooooo creative! Love them!

  3. meghan says:

    That’s pretty fun.

  4. Taite says:

    Wow, i wish my finger nails were that well taken care of.
    Freyja’s face ( from what you can see of it) looks hilarious! It’s like she’s thinking “how did i get to be on my hanger?”

  5. Next time you want to do a project, call me and I can help with the kiddos. Very cute!

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