How a Black Velvet Jacket became a Rooster

I am feverishly working to get my house back in order before we go back to school.

My closet became my place for storing gifts and wrapping gifts and I could hardly step foot in it.  That was first on my list.  Behold, a can of cranberry sauce.

Next, was the pantry.  All the cans, bags and boxes of food had become a jumble.  I cleared out and cleaned it all up.  Behold, the face mask I wanted to use at Halloween.

Then the toy closet, little pieces found after the game had been put away were perched bare naked on the shelf waiting for the covering of a box.  Behold, the Bath and Body Works air freshener.

I decided, no, I would never, ever, ever wear the black velvet jacket I bought at Coldwater Creek, ever.  All sorts of treasures went into my ‘go away’ bags.  When I delivered them to a drop off station, the man asked if I would like a receipt.  Just then I glanced down and there stood this regal rooster, I mean, who would be getting rid of such a thing!?

“No receipt, but I would take that rooster.”

“We can’t do that.”

Then as I went back around the car to get in, I spied this man grasping the handle of the back seat door.  He gave a quick glance in both directions, opened the door and gently set the rooster on the seat.  “Don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t tell a soul.  Thank you so much! and Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year to you too.”

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4 Responses to How a Black Velvet Jacket became a Rooster

  1. Terri you need to write a book! I love it! Happy New Year!

  2. Caitlin says:

    When I saw the title, I thought you were dismembering a jacket to turn into a stuffed velvet bird. I think this guy is an exellent, more attractive and quieter replacment for Rico.

  3. Beth says:

    Caitlin, I thought the same thing! Happy New Year!

  4. Shari Keen says:

    ….and Caitlin and Beth I was SURE that this post involved sewing since the Pink Peppers frequently make something out of nothing…..but successful bartering is even better.

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