Gourmet Candy

This is the craisin pistachio bark.

Some of our lovely readers wanted to know how to make the candy Caitlin got for her birthday.  It’s really quite simple and would make a nice gift.  It’s just a gourmet bark, really.  So all you need is some good quality dark or milk chocolate and some white chocolate.  You just melt one of the chocolates over a low heat and add anything you want.  While it’s far more beautiful to sprinkle the ingredients on the top, I found they fell off too easily so I have just started mixing them into the chocolate.  Once the ingredients are mixed in, pour the mixture onto parchment paper.  I just do it right on the counter and then let it cool.  Then break the bark into chunks and package in some festive bags.  I’m planning to give it out for Christmas so shhhhh don’t tell anyone.  I’m sure they’ll never read this post.

I made Caitlin a dark chocolate, dried cherry, and orange bark.  Another one was white chocolate, macadamia nut, lime zest, and toasted coconut.  And the other was a white chocolate, craisin, pistachio mix.    The kids felt left out so I made them a white chocolate oreo bark.  I have some grapefruit on the counter that wants to be made into bark so I’m trying to think of a delectable combination- grapefruit and ….. I don’t know what yet.

You can see that I just pour it out on the counter but you MUST have parchment paper. Anything else will stick.

This is the lime zest for the lime, macadamia, coconut bark.

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8 Responses to Gourmet Candy

  1. Shari Keen says:

    Oh Meghan…thanks for this…I was bugging Caitlin about it. It is so pretty. I wish I could get some of my gorgeous Meyer Lemons from my tree to you. You’d think of something beautiful to do with them.

  2. Elly_L says:

    Just for the record: when I made peppermint bark the other day I just used wax paper, and it worked fine. :-) But peppermint bark isn’t very gourmet, so perhaps it’s less sticky!

  3. meghan says:

    Meyer lemons would be great with dried blueberries and white chocolate. Makes me wish I had some now.

  4. Sarah says:

    I just made your lime zest, macadamia and coconut white chocolate bark! YUM! Amazing flavor combination!! Thank you!

  5. Elly_L says:

    So… does the fruit have to be dried? Or can you use fresh? I noticed the zest… will it go bad if not eaten soon? I’m intrigued..:-) And I really want a silpat.. why didn’t I put that on my Christmas list?!! :-)

  6. meghan says:

    The fruit does have to be dried because that will mold, but I don’t think the zest will go bad, at least that’s my experience. The chocolate that I made with the zest sat on the counter for days and was fine.

  7. I just made some peppermint bark and on the top while the white layer was not yet set, I gently spread a layer of milk chocolate. The other thing is I would highly recommend Silpat instead of parchment or wax paper. You can use it over and over.

  8. We included this blog post in a student report

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