And to top it all off, I got a flat tire, as in totally unmistakably squashed flat tire.  But I digress.

You gotta stick with this story because THIS IS MY LIFE!!

Andrew called the washing machine repairman.  I guess it’s a fairly common practice to charge a customer an arm and a leg to show up in your laundry room just to make a pronouncement: thumbs up and they will deduct the “show up” charge from the “fix it” charge, thumbs down and you pay the “show up” charge and ditch the honkin’ monster.  I kinda had a fit about paying someone to maybe fix my problem and told Andrew to give me time to think about it.  Throwing good money after bad bugs me.

In the meantime, bless our  cat who peed on my down coat.

I threw the coat into the washer and during the spin cycle, the squealing gave way to thump-a-thumpa then THUMPA-A-THUMPA. My coat knocked the washer off kilter and that jolting knocked something loose.  The washer has been working like a champ ever since!  Ta Da! I fixed it!!  Pay me!

Remember that down coat I just mentioned?  Remember I mentioned that the cat had peed on it?  Well, Erin came to me this morning to tell me the cat had peed in her suitcase… with all her clothes in it…. clothes that are dry clean only… and totally soaked the lining of the suitcase too.  Sweet.  This was a little too much dejá vu all over again. (Sound familiar, mom!?)   A washing machine to wash all those peed on clothes is a good thing.

And hoorah and hooray .  My  post about my Dacor appliances  prompted the very helpful Jonathan to give me a call to make things right.  I was feverishly Christmas shopping when Mr. Powers called and told me he had checked into things and was going to do right by me… even though my appliances were past their one year warranty period.  “I know,” I admitted, “it’s just that I thought a nice top of the line appliance might last for, say, five  years.”  You know, like the ancient appliances that never give up the ghost in rental apartments, those avocado green or harvest gold ones.  That is actually how I want my beautiful Dacor appliances to hold up.  The repairman will be here mid morning and I will have over thirty people here later tonight.

So, as I am pulling out of Wal Mart, a woman is motioning me and looking  a bit perturbed.  I immediately think  I am guilty of something, maybe like, almost running her over.  I hesitantly roll down my window and she informs me that I have a flat, FLAT  tire.  “Oh, thank you so much,” I tell her.  This sweet woman is ready to help me get to the tire factory, find a compressor and pump the dead tire back to life, sit with me until help arrives.  “Tis the season and she is sweet.

In the end my dear friend bales me out and picks me up.  But wait, there’s more, my son-in-law is due to arrive at the airport in a few hours and I am car-less.  My dear friend  loans her car for us to pick up my son-in-law at the airport.  Then my son-in-law drives my dear friend’s car back to Wal Mart, puts the spare tire on my car and drives it back home.

SO…..  looking for a silver lining in all this I am happy to finally catch up with my dear friend albeit I had to wreck a tire rim to do it.

Oh yah, and Erin’s dry cleaning… it’s still in the flat tire car and still needs dropped off.

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9 Responses to Thump-a-Thumpa

  1. Sharon says:

    oh my.

  2. Shari Keen says:

    Terri……I echo the “Oh My”….I don’t know what else to say except….you all must really love that cat!!!!

  3. Terri says:

    And the story could go on and on but here are just a few: Matthias’s friend came over to play, his coat fell off the coat rack and when he left for home a damp smelly coat went with him.
    My boots in the sledding picture… definitely cat. In fact, rather than leaving it at just a single pair of boots, the cat took the whole green duffel bag down with numerous attempts to make sure every boot in the bag was affected.
    The grandkids came to play with the humongo tub of Legos® and we instead had to give the Legos® a soak in the tub… TWICE

    As I write, I am beginning to feel justified as
    I have to add a little post script here.

    I don’t love the cat.
    The cat went away that day…

  4. Caitlin says:

    Just remember Calvin- the cat who showed up again from 10 miles away. I hope you hired an assassin this time.

  5. Terri says:

    NO comment…
    And it was Cassius, the one with the lean and hungry look; He thought too much; such cats are dangerous.

  6. Shari Keen says:

    I am so relieved (maybe not a good word in the discussion of this cats “offenses”……and I have friends who would shed tears at the thought of the “Cat in the Coats, Boots, Suitcases…and probably yes..some Hats” but man….Bravo, for giving the cat a ticket to ride!!!

  7. Terri says:

    Shari, I really, really tried to feel the slightest tinge of guilt when Taite burst into tears over the cat, but the guilt just wouldn’t come.

  8. Cindy says:

    My dear ones, cat woes are never-ending. Your pain and suffering reminds me of my own grief over ‘SICK’ cats and I do mean SICK.

    I care for an 87 year old aunt who is attached to her cat. This cat has serious emotional problems also. It is true that “pussy”, as Aunt Jean refers to her, guards the sofa where Aunt Jean rests and sleeps most of the day and night. She lounges on the top of the sofa and sometimes curls into her body as she sleeps. How sweet you may think, well think again. Pussy has for the last six months decided not to use the litter box for anything except numero uno. This means that in addition to caring for my dear auntie I also have to clean up and scrub the carpets usually two times each morning. I try to hide the food at night, thinking I could eliminate one of the two messes, but to no avail. If I try to remove the cat from the sofa she will MEOW harshly and even bat at me. How can we get rid of this pest????? At least two to four times most nights Aunt Jean asks, “where is my cat”? She is so bonded to this cat. If we hire an assassin as Caitlin suggests, Aunt Jean may die. Oh the trials and tribulations of owning a cat or working in the home of a person who owns one.

    Your story, Terri, reminds me that I will never have a cat in my house. It raises my anger level very high. When it comes to the thought of a ‘drastic elimination’ of any feline, one has to be very careful not to stimulate unusual commotion that might activate the animal right’s patrol. These people mean business about their love and adoration for the souls of the furry members of ‘our’ race. We are all, one, after all.

    I am still grieving over Erin’s urine-infested ‘dry clean only’ clothes. Your story just adds more anguish to my already anguished cat woes. How will I get through one more night? I thought I was doing fair at my predicament but now I have yours to think about as well. The good news is that I have a two week break from my job. Bye-bye kitty for two weeks.

  9. Terri says:

    Cindy, I think you need to very quickly and quietly replace that cat with a better behaved one, maybe a stuffed one from a toy store.
    And Erin’s drycleaning- it’s back, all sparkly clean and ready to wear.

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