Jewelry tree

The obliging lilac

Dressers are always hard for me to decorate. Mine needed  a little statement piece so I decided a jewelry display would be nice.

Urban Outfitters had what I was looking for for $32. But of course, you know better than to think I would pay good money for a branch. (I thought this one was even cooler, so I think I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an old wood box.)

I started making my jewelry tree from a twiggy branch off a half-dead, obliging lilac bush in the vacant lot behind my house. Then Zac ran it over. With his bike. In the dark. Granted, I had left  it in the driveway while the white spray paint dried. . .  so it was kind of my fault.  I started over. And while I was starting over I decided to go with a different color. I used my favorite shade of turquoise, but I still think white would look cool.

Truth be told, the base on this (a milk-glass votive with styrofoam and little rocks) isn't heavy enough. This may be a "light-weight earring only tree".

I filled a white dish with my perfumes and a couple pretty things to serve as a nice tray.

Love this color with gold and silver.

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  1. Taite says:

    The blue is cool too. It’s more interesting than white

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