I think it was Meghan I was talking to the other day and she said that she wanted to see more pictures of Valiant.  We actually had a little photo session the other day because I wanted to get some passport photos of him (there’s always a hope and a dream of travel for me.)  Taking passport photos with a 4 month old is a little challenging….

…but with the proper cropping I think we finally came up with something that worked

And here are some random Valiant photos just so you remember what your little grandson/nephew/cousin across the country looks like.

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13 Responses to Valiant

  1. terri says:

    I can NOT wait to see this little guy again!!

  2. meghan says:

    Those are just great. I can’t get over that hair. I thought and still think he looks so much like Cindy. I can’t believe how much he has changed. So cute!

  3. Michelle Young says:

    What a handsome little boy, Erin. I look forward to meeting him someday!

  4. Shari Keen says:

    Meghan….you are absolutely right…he looked so familiar but I couldn’t come up with it. He does look like Cindy….but he also looks like himself, Valiant, who is such a cutie. I’m really laughing that at 4 mos. he has passport photos… my favorite is the 3rd down. And…I like the little Eastern Shore touch with the crab.

  5. Beth says:

    He is growing so quickly! And still remains just as cute as ever.

  6. Alison says:

    I’m cracking up at the mug shots! It is like a preview into Valiant’s life at 16 and his first brush with the law. j/k He is so cute. Can’t wait to see what pictures come from your NEW CAMERA!

  7. Kandice says:

    Hello! My sister Kari sent me the link to your page – she is excited for my baby girl Sabrina to meet your little Valiant. He is super cute! Have a great day!

  8. Stacy Shradar says:

    He is getting so big!

  9. Grandma J says:

    Passport pictures eh? And since passports are good for 10 years will he be recognized as the same person? Well maybe the hair color.

  10. Cindy says:

    Valiant just made his first Central Manor Camp visit and can you believe, my cousin, Paula, upon seeing him for the first time since the baby shower says, ” he looks just like his grandma Terri. Everyone sees traits and identifies them so differently. But he is adorable and beautiful and his temperament is outstanding. Lucky for Tim that he has his mama’s sweet nature. By the way, the first image on the brown chair reminds me of Freyja. {speaking of traits and identification }

  11. Taite says:

    I love the ones of him in his crab suit! But the last one is pretty adorable in a sad way

  12. Taite says:

    I JUST realized that the second to last one looks like Matt when he was a baby

  13. Nancy Hart says:

    Erin..little Valiant is so cute! He looks like a sweetheart! I know you both have so much fun! I remember the days of gazing at our babies! Enjoy every minute:) Hope you all have a great time at Aileens wedding. I am sad to have to miss it. Happy celebrating the great event!

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