Got Milk?

We have always drunk whole milk, not the blue stuff and at long last our suspicions have been verified:

Children who drink full fat milk weigh less than those who do not, a new study has found.

ScienceDaily (Nov. 4, 2009)

Children as young as eight who drink milk every day have a lower body mass index than those who drink the low fat variety, according to the study from Gothenburg University in Sweden.

The new study found that children who drink full fat milk weigh on average almost nine pounds less than other children.

Diet experts believe that children who do not drink full fat milk may be fatter themselves because they drink fizzy drinks instead.

Dietician and author of the study Susanne Eriksson, said: “It may be the case that children who drink full-fat milk tend also to eat other things that affect their weight.

“Another possible explanation is that children who do not drink full fat milk drink more soft drinks instead.”

The researchers also discovered a difference between overweight children who drink full fat milk everyday and those who do not.

Children who often drink milk with a fat content of three per cent are “less overweight” but eat more saturated fat than recommended.

However, those children with a high intake of fat have a lower BMI than the children with a lower intake of fat.

Miss Eriksson examined the nutrition, body composition and bone mineralisation of 120 healthy eight-year-olds after the children told her team what they had eaten the day before, how often they ate certain foods and after taking blood samples.

“Many of these children had been examined when they were four-years-old, and we discovered that their eating habits were pretty much unchanged four years later.

“It appears to be the case that eating habits are established early.”

The study found that nearly two-thirds of the children had low levels of Vitamin D in their blood.

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4 Responses to Got Milk?

  1. Tammy says:

    It’s a good thing my children drank 2%. Imagine how emaciated they would have looked weighing eight pounds less than they did!

  2. Michelle says:

    Good post! I love to eat and drink fat.

  3. Terri says:

    The thing is when you drink whole milk or eat 4% fat cottage cheese, a little bit really fills you up so you don’t have to have so much; the fat makes it a food instead of just a liquid.

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