Photo Shoot

The lighting was pretty good and the kids were mostly happy

The lighting was pretty good and the kids were mostly happy

Canon and Athanasius

Athanasius and Canon

Anwyn and Fox

Anwyn and Fox

 I took these Thursday morning when I should have been teaching school, but the lighting was pretty good so I interrupted the kids’ play to call them down for a photo shoot.  Canon balked at wearing the striped shirt because he was a mouse and didn’t want to be a handsome mouse.  I told him that he could put on the ugly shirt after pictures.

Now I really have to go do school.

Anwyn, Fox, Athanasius, and a handsom mouse.

Anwyn, Fox, Athanasius, and a handsome mouse.

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3 Responses to Photo Shoot

  1. avatar Beth says:

    What darling pictures! Wonderful photography.

  2. avatar Terri says:

    What can I say, they are my adorable grandchildren!!

  3. avatar Caitlin says:

    Oh, thanks for putting these up! We all loved them! Esp. the mouse story.

    Fox is already looking ready to start school himself! I’ve got to come visit soon!

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