Some of My Lovely Baby Gifts


Fox sporting his little hat

Thanks Auntie Cait

Thanks Auntie Cait

My sister Caitlin scored this most delectablesweater in Vegas before she knew she was having a boy.  I’m glad she didn’t know or I may not have gotten the sweater.  She said she would have kept it.

It is cashmere and nicer than any sweater I own.


It was knit so I couldn't resist this little outfit.

My beautiful nursing cover.

My beautiful nursing cover.

My good friend gave me this nursing cover.  I don’t tend to swear by any baby gadgets but I love this one.  It has a little strap to stay on your neck so you aren’t left hoping that the blanket loosely draped about the baby won’t in one moment be thrown off you by one little swipe of their arm.  Great invention and yet so simple.

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