These are a few of my favorite things…


I have had this necklace for a couple years now but I never tire of it!  It is one of my best antique store finds, discovered at one of the little shops in Union Town, WA.


I almost didn’t buy these boots when I was out on a recent shopping trip… I’m so glad I did now!  The low heel makes them very useful and the width of the ankle and calf area make them easy to tuck a slim pair of jeans into without looking bulky.


Its bright colors really drew me to this scarf when I was perusing the streets of Paris this last May.  I saw these square, tassel-fringed scarves on most European necks when I was there so I figured it would be a good piece to pick up.

My wish list for this fall include some brightly colored scarves, like the one below, and cardigans to brighten up the rainy months.  Something else I have been bizarrely attracted to lately is jeans with low-set back pockets.  I don’t really understand this fascination, and maybe once I buy a pair I will be disenchanted but right now I really like the look.


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